the protest of students and families is mounting

In Agrigento, the right to sport is denied to many young people with an unfair disposition of a part of a communal school, the IC “Esseneto”, which deprives children of the availability of school high school to play, train, have fun and together grow. Despite the fact that the current legislation also allows team sports in the yellow and orange zone, behind the observance of specific Anticovid-19 security protocols by the sports federations and the possession of the super green passport of all athletes, it actually happens that the school board decides d ‘Concession for the use of the school hall to the Agrigentum-Petrarca Volley Association, which has been using the premises for over thirty years, with the proviso that “our province is no longer in the white zone”. The measure was launched in early January and since then, the volleyball players of “Petrarca”, a historic team capable of leading Agrigento to the conquest of various national youth titles and playing in the men’s Serie C championship, are waiting to be able to return to the track to come.Field. The paradoxical affair creates various discontent not only among the students from the sports center but also among their families. “We are deeply disappointed and embittered – zuCompany Angelo Cinquemani, Federal Coach of the Group – for a decision we do not understand. The institute is referring to a ministerial circular from last autumn, now largely replaced by the new government rules for sport during the Covid emergency, which advise school principals on the criteria for using school classes in the white zone, Circular and in any case does not determine the revocation measures that remain with the health authorities. The schools are also equated with all other public and private facilities and it is not clear why you can not do sports in the “Esseneto”, while in other gymnastics classes, fifty meters away, regular exercises are allowed. The school gymnasium is owned by everyone who uses our association, after concession, strictly according to the rules and precisely during this period the children would have a greater need to achieve it in order to reopen for socialization and human relations related to Sport. Instead, we were even forced with the senior ladies team to migrate to a sports facility outside the city, in the cave, to have the opportunity to train and participate in the championship. We have repeatedly asked the community of Agrigento, owner of the plant, about the problem. Cinquemani concludes, but without ever getting concrete solutions. We will continue to work hard, together with the children and their parents, to regain the right to sport, which is being denied in our city today. “.

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