the project “Orchestra multietnika Percussion & woodwinds San Paolo” is back

The social cooperative I Bambini di Truffaut relaunches the project of “Orchestra Multietnika Percussioni & Fiati San Paolo”: after a year break, at the headquarters of IC Don Lorenzo Milani, in the San Paolo district, a workshop has just started that gives the opportunity 15 Pupils from primary and secondary schools learn to play musical instruments and to compose texts by musicians such as Daniela Zurlo, Vito Mitoli and Gaetano Occhiofino.

The extracurricular path. completely free for the students concerned, it takes place this year from March to May and from September to October.

“Finally, the San Paolo Children’s Orchestra is starting anew, a project we’ve been working on for years and have had to carry out because of the pandemic,” said the Councilor for Education and Youth Policy. Paola Romano -. In recent years, this young orchestra has not only represented an excellence for the quality of its musicians, but above all a happy inclusion experience for some students from difficult competitions who have played an instrument in a very short time with others. Children and Boys. I’m sure we’ll discover some unsuspecting musical talents in this new class as well. ”

“The kind of orchestra we want to create is unique on the national stage,” he explains Giancarlo Visitilli President of I bambini di Truffaut -. It will include both children and adults expressing themselves with the only universal language: music. We want to create a true neighborhood bond that involves several generations. “

The project “Orchestra Multietnika Percussioni & Fiati San Paolo” was born as part of Axis 3, Action 3.3.1. – Project BA3.3.1.G “URBIS” of the PON METRO 2014-2020 – Municipality of Bari – Department of Youth, Education, University and Research Policies, Active Labor Policy, European Funds.

The term “Multietnika Percussioni & Fiati San Paolo” is actually a way of contrasting educational poverty and early school leaving, as well as musical education. For many of the boys and girls involved, the music represents a real opportunity to realize their dreams and in many cases a real alternative to educational poverty or street violence.

The I bambini di Truffaut Social Society has been involved for decades in training, through cinema, theater and music, with Apulian schools of all types and levels, with public and private bodies. It deals with the training of trainers (teachers, educators, parents, etc.) through courses that have cinema as a privileged instrument.


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