The “Procida beyond Procida” project is underway, an institutional partnership for culture, sea and environment – Napoli Village

PROCIDA – At via Procida, beyond Procida: Culture, Sea and Environment, a training, information and awareness-raising project on the topics of sea culture, combined with the care and respect of the environment and its sustainability.

The initiative, which is a prerequisite for Procida’s Capital of Culture 2022, is promoted by LICI – NetCoa and JMI – Jus Management Innovation together with an institutional partnership that includes the municipality of Procida, Invitalia, Vanvitelli University, Arpa Campania, the Civic Museum of Procida, the island of Vivara State Nature Reserve, the “Regno di Nettuno” Marine Protected Area, the Italian Naval League with the sections of Procida and Castellammare. Thanks to this synergistic action, it will be possible to achieve different kinds of goals and many goals, through paths that arise from the need to impart knowledge about the territory and at the same time nature as a single complex system interconnected in the correlation to the territory they consider. , Traditions and for culture.

Three lines of action are foreseen, with initiatives aimed at the school population (Action 1), at the local / tourist population (Action 2) and at the synergy and the relationship with the universities and other bodies (Action 3).

The training / information activity aimed at the school population (Action 1) will be developed in various ways (remote and personal), focusing on the general principles of the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda and on the programming of the Behavioral models that are accepted in their respect. In addition, activities on the territory are planned to inform and inform the island, its culture and its traditions. Finally, the training / information activity should aim at raising awareness of historical / naturalistic heritage, in particular respect for the conservation and defense of the sea and the ecosystem.

Action 2 (involving residents and the tourist population) provides for routes instead, with the presence of experts who will make known the island’s history, its marine and terrestrial biodiversity. In Action 3 (Synergy in relation to universities and other bodies), the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” – Department of Engineering will focus on training in the ecological and energy transition process. It is expected:

Installation of totems and displays at the Civic Museum of Procida and / or at other locations on the island where information and measured values ​​are transmitted;
Communication of the history, culture and natural beauty of the island through exhibitions, conferences, creation of videos and content spread through the social pages of the project partners.
Among the objectives of the project:

Spread the culture of prevention through the knowledge of polluting factors, in particular by raising awareness among the new generations;
fostering knowledge of natural areas, by studying and recognizing the species they populate, bringing young people closer to nature and educating them to respect the environment;
promote knowledge of the marine ecosystem and marine culture by, among other things, making citizens aware of its behavior and the relative social impact that determines it;
fostering knowledge of natural areas through the socio-economic ecosystem;
encourage contact with nature by pushing citizens to defend and protect them, to pursue a transition process that participates in and integrates with the local economy;
disseminate the knowledge and application of new digital technologies, express the basis for the implementation of pilot projects in contextualized areas.

Deputy Mayor of Procida, Guditta Lubrano Lavadera, President of LICI – NetCoa and JMI, Raffaello Dinacci, Head of the Service Unit spoke at today’s press conference – moderated by Francesco Bellofatto, President of the Cultural Affairs Committee of the Journalists’ Order of Campania.Promotion and Network Invitalia, Massimo Calzoni, Director of the Engineering Department of Vanvitelli University, Alessandro Mandolini, Director General of Arpa Campania, Stefano Sorvino, Director of the Civic Museum of Procida, Nicola Scotto Di Carlo, Director of the Marina Protetta Regno Area di Nettuno, Antonino Miccio, the President of the Castellammare di Stabia Naval League, Patrizia Chierchja and the President of the Procida Naval League, Corrado Bianco.

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