“The present that opens into the future”

July 24, 2022 8:40 p.m


During the phase in which we live – sad days that reflect a deep, decadent time, moreover, heavily managed by incompetent neophytes and post-tribular virgins, even if with the senatorial slave (who thinks alternately to be Margaret Thatcher, reality are all Pompadours and without the class of the original – and therefore, in contemporary times, I also compare myself with my old Calabrian Christian Democratic leader, that is the Sen. since childhood), namely Franco Petramala.


Patti clearly, I will be an incurable coherent, but this is part of a training – mine of course! – which makes it (coherence, precisely) a distinctive character of what politics should be about (what is good and right, in itself).

Conversely, today, but also – unfortunately – the subject of Cavour and Moro (especially Moro!) We find it raped and raped, by prejudiced comedians (but with the arrogant enthusiasm to pass themselves off as pure), ‘Mountaineer’ teachers (in place to the professional study of their mentor), moreover full of arrogance and inexperience, or by various incompetents, elevated to a system (regrettable!).

Donato Veraldi rightly recalled the (change) wind of Catanzaro, with its enthusiastic smell of young people who suffer for politics and society, who are the hope that becomes security, yes, the dream that becomes reality .

I was at the head of the national youth, so it remains implicit and natural, the personal desire to look for fresh forces, not to become pedagogic, but to protect and advise, especially instead of finding good ground, among these people (and every person is a universe, as Aldo Moro said and as I repeat, in full speed, it makes a treasure).

Nevertheless, there is the observation of Franco Petramala, about the drama of an electoral law, which favors forced, initially and moreover – desolate – justified abstention, precisely under the guise of an anti-democratic formula, which then appoints the parliamentarians. and it does not favor the “natural selection” of a ruling class.

This selection can actually only be achieved with a combined provision of pure proportional and plural nominalist (to be clear, the law that was in force until the 1987 elections), which alone – in itself – made government stability possible (albeit in the face of many government crises, of which it was said that they would disappear with the Pastrocchi of the second and third republics, but they continue and do not change these instrumentally condemned abuses).

Moreover, the complained-of system with which the vote was cast in 1987 (unbroken, infamously, by Mario Segni) presupposed the partial replacement – from time to time, cum fiore salis – of the parliamentary audience and, in cascade, of that of the local replacement . authorities.


Is the new one always beautiful?
I would not say, because it is – even in the face of initial scholastic ignorance – even confused by most, for newism and it is moralism with morality, or similar etymologies, but different meanings.
In any case, one must be vigilant in the near future and one will be ready – it doesn’t matter if today or tomorrow – to rebuild the republic so that the future can be opened today.
And this time – unlike 1992 – it will be nice if we know how to interpret it well.


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