“The phenomenon of early school leaving is going down”

We get from Doriano Ficara of CGIL Cuneo and publish.

I received a letter from several parents who were concerned about defining the fate of the school and first trying to understand who the interlocutor was, I noticed that many of the signatories were professionals and teachers and thus my first confusion. However, I believe it is right and proper, point by point, to respond blow by blow. Both because the silence of today can be seen as a complication of tomorrow, and not for the accusation against the manager and the whole school world to fall into oblivion. And that’s what I want to do with this release.

The letter underlines the identification of the school itself as the first responsible, one of the worst problems of the education system, which in addition to the failure of the pedagogical project also poses a harm to the whole society, with destructive effects on the moral level.and over the consequences of a human and social order. I am sorry to disappoint the bearers of the message, but the reasons for this phenomenon are not to be found in the school context (type and characteristics of the school, teacher preparation and relationship between teachers and students, peer influence Group) but mainly the root causes of the problems are of social nature (socio-economic and cultural capital of the family of origin, gender and migration background). Regarding the subject, two things can certainly not be denied:

1) Early school leaving has and has a trend that is directly proportional to the migration phenomena in our country.

2) The phenomenon of early retirement is reduced. The drop-out rate has certainly been reduced through didactic, pedagogical and inclusive actions that promote the well-being of students and contribute to the reduction of dispersion. Also, in the letter sent to my union organization, the results of the validated tests as certification of the failure of the school are highlighted. In this regard, I point out that the spastic research that measures everything that is needed is the result of a strange conception, wanting everything under control, measured and also evaluating the degree of learning. These are uniform tests that leave the time they find and are all oriented towards the measurement of skills, as if it were so simple and straightforward.

Another crucial point that is underlined in the press release is the level of concern of the students, I am sorry to have to point out that the first element of the cause is precisely the family. It is the family that always and in any case expects excellent results, and thus it creates very strong feelings of guilt and inadequate feelings in the children who do not meet the expectations. Overprotective families who, in the face of their children’s difficulties, not just at school, but instead of supporting them by providing them with the tools to confront and overcome them, take over from them by solving them (it is certainly simpler and more direct is what the current society demands maximum result with minimum effort). And if they are not able to find common solutions with the school, for example about academic performance – they become public lawyers for their children, and if possible hire a lawyer to solve their problems by dismissing the students, and they relieves any “errors” on school and teachers as made in this announcement.

The questions should be more:

At what level of dispersion would we be today if we did not have an adequate, balanced and suitable manager for the role they cover, who, together with the whole educational community, organized themselves in the quiet of their daily actions to reach everyone, for not leaving anyone behind. What would be the level of stress and anxiety of our children, if there was no organized team, prepared and ready to go in new pedagogical paths, the family must always ask themselves, what is the purpose of the school and what are the Value is of what is taught in school. It is not up to the parents to point out the adequacy or inadequacy of the teachers, on the contrary, this aspect is the cause of the school illness and not the cure. But even if these issues cover an expository priority in your press release and are subject to some scrutiny, in my opinion these are not the issues of your crucial interest, but rather the suspension, of the executives, of teachers who are to blame do not give up. to the vaccination. With respect to this topic, it is considered appropriate to support the following. The ethical and legal issues concerning the modalities, the possible obligatory nature of the vaccination and the measures involved are subject to scientific and health issues and I do not want to deliberately enter. and merit but the manager, who should also, like the teachers, be trained with a good example is required to respect the standard and implement the envisaged provisions.

The new teaching methods, in particular the DDI, allowed families to enter the courses, follow the courses, visit the environment and allowed, what is worse, to intervene in the education without the skills to have to complain about methods, procedures and content so. setting the value of learning freedom is hard to test. The first task of teachers should be that of antagonism in trends. It almost seems that in the letter the only thought is proclaimed as a solution to the long-standing evils of the school, while it is not clear how at the same time it is necessary for our children to be conveyed not only content but ways. thinking that it allows a reading of reality with a critical mind. All in the opposite (excuse me, just to support it, there are also educators who, in support of their dissertation, undermine the essence of the teaching profession). It is argued in your message that the DDA has produced significant inequalities, nothing more wrong, inequalities exist of course, but they are not produced by the DDA at all, they arise from the social and economic system, the DDA has only further highlighted them. Inequalities are mainly due to social and economic inequalities.

Nothing has been done in terms of testing, tracking, distance and ventilation and the responsibility certainly can not be placed on the shoulders of the school principals and the teachers and the teaching staff (who on the contrary have tried to compensate for any shortcomings) because it has to face so many Challenge complexes really need support and not fluid and inconsistent regulations. Personally, as a citizen but also as a parent, I was always convinced of the importance of presence. But as a teacher, for the tenth time in a row that one can return to participation without lifting one’s finger to defend the health of those who work and learn in school, I can assume the responsibility of those who now stand as judges of that part, do not forget. of the world.which revolves around the education system and who have never realized that the role of the teaching staff has been emptied and which may have been convenient for those families who need to be able to control our decisions quickly, to manage and manipulate. Educators who receive favorable evaluations for their children, a world that should have heard its voice from the beginning, how politics and information have impoverished the concept of teachers and who instead deliberately ignore the social and economic impoverishment of that category have that they should be a symbol for your children to emulate, to follow the example and the emblem of the human and critical education of our students. This figure empties significantly, limiting the growth of our children and negatively affecting their future.

Between the lines of the press release, I read an invitation to managers not to constructively abide by the rules to improve the education system. In this regard, however, I must clarify that education and respect for the rules are two fundamental concepts for the growth and balanced development of our children. Those parents who cannot hear from their children or who are struggling to manage their mood should know more. Even though the school has given up the goal of respecting the rules, which is one of the main difficulties for parents in the upbringing of their children. In this case, we would be confronted with a generation that would adapt and condition the system to its own interests in order to benefit from it. The complexity of the education system is precisely that you have to respect the rules and find in them the idea for the growth and development of your children. The system of hoped-for, declaimed and extremely desirable interruption of rules and sedition finds no violation in my thinking or in my course of action and this is certainly not the barometer that gives the measure of a manager’s validity. I am convinced that non-compliance with the rules is a process with unexpected implications and multiple negative effects that can have an impact on the educational, social and economic system with unpredictable results. It is certainly more difficult to follow a line of thought in accordance with the rules and principles and I am personally grateful to the managers who allowed the respect of the rule of law even if the directives applied were not always and completely in line with their line of reasoning. . Let me tell you, the school can not strengthen if its members are not strong and you have weakened them, it can not educate if the families are antagonists and not allies, it can not create a better society if it has to listen to those do not go. Credit and society.

I conclude with the argument that it is not good for school, it is not good for the pedagogical way of creating your children mechanisms of exploitation and debt. It is necessary to rely on dialogue and confrontation to overcome and resolve disputes. A dialogue in which parents do not adopt intrusive approaches to the school world and teachers may find new ways to communicate and communicate assertively. For some time now, the school has been operating in situations of great difficulty and the relationships with the families are going through a deep period of crisis. The relationship is characterized by interference and confusion of roles. Parents are increasingly disrespectful and a strong attitude is needed to bring relationships back into the rules and mutual respect. The problem has much deeper roots than the ones we highlighted in the letter you sent, and hides a major social weakness of the family that continually transmits signs of malaise, spreads unrest and insecurity everywhere and often leads to a excludes quiet relationship. and constructive with the children and with the school and in general hinders the normal relationships that arise in the “school” educational environment. I show all my disappointment and opposition to an inappropriate, cynical and suspicious message like this, I could only express the position of the FLC CGIL Cuneo with respect to the proposed topic, and try to transform this unfair accusation into a chance to positively transform . Confrontation and proactive, which serves as a driving force for the cultural and educational growth of our children.

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