the petition of the CISL school

The secretariat of the CISL school of Sondrio, in this phase of the presentation of the RSU lists, by comparison with the workers, teachers and Ata, was able to highlight in the different schools of the province some critical issues and therefore, the ‘Synthesis of the various requests by presenting a document intended as a petition, a useful call at the local level to retrain job and training offers and, at the contractual level, to intervene in the redefinition of workloads. by the staff called upon to provide, in the best possible conditions, jobs for a quality service to the students and their families.

The Text

The petition developed by the Secretariat of the CISL School of Sondrio reads: “The meetings with teachers and school staff that have taken place in recent weeks and the aim of presenting the lists for the RSU elections next April were a valuable opportunity to discuss work.Conditions of Teachers and ATA.Reorganization of time, space and working methods resulting from the emergency caused by the pandemic calls for consideration, even contractually, of work obligations Accessibility in safe places and attention to relationships have demonstrated the passion for the day-to-day work of all school staff (teachers, secretarial staff, technicians and school collaborators), pupils and pupils were and are the priority of our action for the organs. To create educational and training spaces suitable for different age groups and to create a school for each other. to create one that suits everyone.

“Too often, however, the forces and attention that one wants to devote to the student are limited by the bureaucratic tasks that the entire staff has to deal with, in relation to the role and function to be fulfilled. – The document goes on. – Practices that make work engagement more difficult and partly difficult, and sometimes compromise the climate of collaboration and co-responsibility that characterizes the school environment.It is a fairly common situation that the various professionals interact with the school, try. come convinced that a lower bureaucratic burden can free up time to devote to teaching staff, to the organization and preparation of workshops as well as training opportunities for the whole educational community “.

“The Provincial Secretariat of the CISL School of Sondrio has decided to take over the requests of the school workers and to propose this summary as a petition to disseminate and sign – that is the aim of the trade union organization – so that the appeals of the Staff at Valtellina and Valchiavenna may retrain the work and school offerings at a local level and intervene at a contractual level in redefining the workloads of staff called upon to do so calmly and in the best possible way. everyday tasks for a service of ever higher quality for families and students “.

How to sign the petition

To sign the document, via the platform, you can go to the following link


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