The perpetrators of the vandalism of the middle school “Rocca” and the school Itis “Negrelli” have been identified

The Carabinieri de Feltre have identified the perpetrators of the vandalism that took place between January 22 and 23 at the Rocca Middle School and the Negrelli Institute in Feltre. Reached by the news, the Mayor of Feltre, Paolo Perenzin, stated: “On the one hand, on behalf of the citizens, I would like to thank the soldiers of the Feltre Carabinieri Gare. and professionalism, succeed in identifying the perpetrators of the vandalism committed against the two schools in Feltre.On the other hand, I can only be surprised and very bitter to learn that the perpetrators are children, even between 13 and It is another element that reminds us once again of the prudent and continuous pedagogical action that the families, but also the institutions, are involved in various capacities in the education of our children and adolescents. “Implementation to accompany and overcome them. Situations of difficulty, possibly exacerbated by the current health emergency”.
“Facts of this kind can in no way be tolerated,” Perenzin concluded, hoping “that this matter will serve as a warning to everyone, in the interest of a full and mature civil coexistence that has always characterized our community.”

Even the President of the Province of Belluno, Roberto Padrin, after thanking the Carabinieri for the excellent work they have done, he regrets “that these are boys, all between 13 and 15 years old, who now have to answer for serious Crimes, risk ruining their lives for what they probably considered a stunt.
“It was an act of serious vandalism – further Padrin – that we can not minimize. Now we are proposing some socially useful jobs to do in the school so that the children can be rehabilitated in the eyes of the community.”
“Justice will run its course – concluded the President of the Province – but for our part we want to give children the opportunity to make themselves useful by making themselves available to the institute and the school community, which is very shaken , as I have. been able to see for themselves, meet the teacher.In this way, they will be able, at least in part, to repair the noticeable damage.There is also an opportunity to reflect on what happened, with the hope that commenting on similar episodes. Whoever makes a mistake pays for it, but a lesson must also come from understanding what happened. Instruments for the growth of our children are ».

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