The ‘Park of Rights’ opens in Rome

Nine colorful benches are dedicated to the main human rights in the garden of the ‘Zaveria Cassia’ school in the San Basilio district, where dozens of generations of children and young people from the complex territory grew up in the eastern suburbs of Rome.

The Comprehensive Institute, founded by the Sacramentine Sisters of Bergamo in 1942 and managed in recent years by the Cairo Cooperative, welcomes this original artistic installation, inaugurated today (via Corridonia 40, 11 a.m.) in the presence of the Councilor for Social Policy and Health of the Municipality of Rome, Barbara Funari.

The event is part of an educational and social project dedicated to young students and their families, who often come from economic, social and, above all, cultural difficulties.

The banks will be dedicated to the right to citizenship (remember the figure of Sandro Pertini), the respect of women and against all violence (Franca Rame), the right to inclusion (Ezio Bosso), the right to family (Mother Teresa ) of Calcutta), the right to peace (Nelson Mandela), the right to respect and freedom of thought (Peppino Impastato), the right to education (Malala Yousafza), the right to justice (some magistrates including Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone) and dedicated the right to childhood to all the children of the world.

Each bench will have a QR code that will allow you to view the multimedia works dedicated to the various characters created by the students of the Comprehensive Institute.

In the afternoon, the Literature Café of ‘Zaveria Cassia’ at 15.30 a meeting with Antonia Labonia, National President of the ‘National Group of Nursery and Childhood’, a study center on early education. The theme of the meeting, open to all parents and educators of children from 0-6 years, will be the fundamental rights of childhood, as the teacher Alessandro Capponi emphasizes:

“The initiative has a special pedagogical value precisely because of the context that the San Basilio district offers. Our school has always wanted a great importance for the complete education of its students, not only academic but also human and civil. The choice for creating the park of rights aims precisely to instill in them a sense of respect for fundamental rights and the culture of legality.

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