The novels of Andrea Tirelli

Foggiano, born in 1971, a French religion, Andrea Tirelli devoted himself to literature through his schooling, which led him to read the great classics. Passion that opens up through journalistic experience to write, first in the newspapers, then with the local newspapers, writing texts that move between spirituality and social life, to the editorship of various Franciscan magazines to take care of them .

It is a short step from journalistic writing to fiction, and its impression is defined by the novel “The Kite Runner”, by Khaled Hosseini, read in one breath during a trip by plane to Australia – a moving work that moved the desire to tell . about Father Andrea Tirelli, to speak to the people and to reach the people through this soul language as well.

Thus came his first novel ‘The return journey’ of 2016 to the world, which tells of gender violence, and in which through the stories of the characters micro-stories are connected to the great story, to see the good that is always. and planted everywhere in time. That good that when recognized has the power to surprise us and change our lives. ‘With all the love I have’, from 2018, is a story of the newborn through a life-changing enthusiasm between a prisoner and a schoolteacher who, through the power of culture, shows him a different path, he conquers. In the background the revelation and personal growth of contact with beauty. In 2020, the story of an adult in dialogue with a child going through a moment of suffering will emerge “Let’s do it as we can”. A meeting that took place in the hospital, which will save for both of us. Dialogue and meeting always at the center, in search of new solutions.

Andrea Tirelli thus draws with his works a narrative dedicated to people in their growth. Touching works, in the name of a search for sin and humanity, which provides no excuse for awakening consciousness. A communicative skill that matures in the 25 years of religious life has lived among the people, wearing the custom and the jeans together, of course from the pulpit to the streets, to the sidewalks. Some of the cornerstones of his narrative world are the enthusiasm between different lives, the value of the family, the relationship between reality, dreams and expectations, the difficulties of existence, the landing on realism, education in faith and acceptance of Self into existence, the rebirth and life of a new launch, without discrimination or sacrifice, as the manifest value that childhood and its view of the world constitute for adults.

A literature that offers the solution along with the crisis, boycotting loneliness, the main source of inhumanity and finally to kindness, respect for the other, also for the partner, sharing and dialogue, even and especially in difficult times like which we go through and that leaves everyone more and more trying and less inclined to meet and mutual understanding. While defining the new novel, it must be remembered that the purchase of Andrea Tirelli’s books supports a project of solidarity and aid to the weak.

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