The new classroom dedicated to little Camilla Orioli has been inaugurated.

A school for Camilla is finally a reality ready to welcome many children from Shellalà. Inaugurated two years after the early death of little Camilla Orioli, the birth of the new classroom was greeted by a grand celebration involving institutions, families, children and the entire Shellalà community.

A project of great social value strongly supported by the Parmacotto group in memory of the little girl. Thanks to the valuable donation of the group, a new classroom was built in the school complex of Shelallà in Ethiopia, which takes a total of thousands of children and adolescents every day.

The project “A school for Camilla” once again demonstrates the group’s commitment to focus on the well – being of the people, in the contexts and communities in which they live, and in particular on the support of the new generations.

The initiative was made possible thanks to the invaluable commitment and cooperation of Parma For the Others, the non-governmental organization that has been working daily in the Ethiopian territories for over 30 years to support change and improve the population’s quality of life in the country. guarantee. Areas of health, territorial development and education.

“We are very proud of what has been achieved: ‘A school for Camilla’ shows our commitment to provide concrete help to these children who have grown up in very problematic areas. We thank Parma Per gli Altri for those valuable support, an association we know and respect for their commitment and dedication to the Shellallà community. ”- Says Gaia Gualerzi, Parmacotto Group Marketing Director.

“The aim of the association has always been to guarantee access to quality education, which supports the growth of children through the training of qualified staff, the construction of schools and the provision of desks and adequate didactic materials. Thanks to the valuable Help offered by Parmacotto – whom we thank on behalf of the entire population of Shelallà – we were able to create a classroom dedicated to all children from early childhood, built thanks to the valuable help of the local community “- says Paola Salvini, President of Parma Fir the others.

On this link you can watch the full video of the inauguration:

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