The municipality of Naples opens schools: “We want to listen to the requests of the students”

Palazzo San Giacomo opens its doors to primary and secondary students. So this morning some kids – from the Istituto Comprensivo Bovio Colletta – attended the first meeting of the project Shared destination. An initiative to create a bridge between school and administration: “We want to give children the opportunity to share their experiences, their way into school,” he explains. Maria Filippone, Sheriffs and counselors for education. An opportunity that secures “a participatory space of democracy” wants to point out. The rendezvous is repeated – for the whole month of May – every Tuesday from 10 am to 12 pm; to then resume in October. With this invitation, the Mayor opens the door of Palazzo San Giacomo to welcome our most important citizens, that is to say children and teenagers. An initiative developed “for people to live a real morning of civic education outside school boundaries”.

It is a day to raise the awareness of young people on the subject of civic education, through a path of strengthening, which began with a guided tour to discover the historic Palazzo del Comune of Naples. The morning program continues in the Sala Giunta in the presence of the Deputy Mayor and the City Council, Walter Savarese. During the meeting, the Filipino invited the students to introduce themselves and ask questions. Thus, a moment of union, of interaction, of active listening with the children was created. Those who had to make demands sat down with the sheriffs around the table of the municipal administration. No shyness hindered the students, who, as if to simulate a question hour, were responding to their most heartfelt requests. Requests that focused primarily on the structural conditions of their home school (the Colletta Institute in the historic center of Naples). Middle school students who – due to the unavailability of the school building – had to move to another structure. “We want a school with gym classes, bigger classrooms and new desks,” Genny asked., one of the students in the sixth grade. However, there are also those who ask for the opportunity to have a school library in the realm of students, laboratories and multimedia rooms dedicated to research. “These children are asking us for normality, they are asking for things to which they are entitled,” commented the sheriff, who assured that the intervention of the administration will act to meet these needs. Needs that should be guaranteed in every school and every student.

Through this meeting, the municipality of Naples shows its willingness to invest in the future, in young people, so that the proximity to the institutions can also be an incentive to fight emergencies. School dropout. A failure that we try to counteract by creating synergy, direct contact with the administration. Thus, the Filipino – to the young people – underlines the importance of continuing the school.

The students – who participated in the meeting – received certificates of merit for participating in the Civil Training Day.


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