The municipality of Ficarra has requested an exception for the creation of a single multi-class for the secondary

The request for a derogation for the establishment of two classes for the secondary school of Ficarra was forwarded to the provincial and regional schools by the mayor and the councilor for public education of Ficarra. This initiative was considered necessary after learning that a single multi-class class was authorized for the 2022/23 school year.
Based on this decision, the fifteen Ficarra boys who will be entering the high school next year must form a single multi-class, thus compromising the quality of education and the consistent level of education of the students. In this context, the municipal government, interpreting the fears of the parents of the students, loudly asked the educational institutions that the students of the Ficarrese guaranteed the same opportunities for their colleagues from other countries, aware that discrimination can not be done ginn.fir to harm. endangering the smaller communities and the future of their children. In the opinion of the local government, we should not only take into account the numbers in the field of school education, but also because behind the numbers are students with problems that must be followed in order to overcome difficulties, there are teachers who must be appointed. in condition to carry out their professional activity efficiently and there are young people who come to life and who need all the tools of the trade to see the future. A future that will certainly not be easy, in which children face difficult and exciting challenges and it is right that they have all the means and opportunities to participate in an increasingly globalized context, whose dynamics are constantly evolving. In his letter, the mayor also reminded that Ficarra has a millennial history and such an architectural, naturalistic and cultural richness that it can not do without the presence of an active and fully functional school in the socio-cultural context of the country. “We will implement all possible initiatives and activate all useful interlocutions to avoid the prospect of a single multi-class – concludes the mayor – because it is not acceptable for fifteen students, including one with a severe disability, to join several lessons at once.We will firmly and decisively oppose this accounting policy, which penalizes small communities and compromises the right to education by slowing down learning activities.

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