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What is the opinion that comes directly from the National Institute of Social Security regarding the Isee 2022 Concessions and the return of bonus? There is a communication to warn that some parents who are state economic contributions in favor of minor childrenthey are now required to return them.

Well, it’s coming Evaluation errors that have now been discovered and therefore, with the cooperation of the revenue agency, aim is to recover these sums of families.

So who could get the INPS notification to request a refund of the paid help?

the families concerned receive letters at home informing them of the obligation to repay the unauthorized sums. In addition, those who do not return the money can get a mandatory (forced) recovery.

Here is all the information about it.

Isee 2022 concessions, up to 40 thousand euros: those that were not eligible

As is well known, entered into force on 1 March 2022 is the only and general allocationbenefit of all families with children and respect the specific Isee income threshold.

Before that, de economic contribution by the government, in a sort of “run-in” that began in July 2021, it is the so-called temporary single check.

But be careful, because even though the help is identical with the current one, in reality it addressed only specific categories of citizensIn case:

  • Unemployed
  • incompetent
  • Nationality Income Income
  • Holder of a VAT number

In essence, the government has de Priority for all who could not (and they have never been able to) benefit from the so-called family allowances.

Well, there are, however, those who have at that specific time benefit from the new state contributionprovided by the Italian family well-being, despite the already present presence of family allowances.

After several inspections, the agency determined that these households had it Right to Family Allowance (ANF) an dofir, they also could not get the child allowance loaded, between Isee concessions 2022

These families did not have to benefit from the subsidy, hence now theINPS, in agreement with the Revenue Agency, sends accurate return notices, which of course follow the expected procedure, until to come to the forced recoveryif necessary.

Isee 2022 concessions as the sums not returned due to INPS

Basically, in the time frame between July 2021 and February 2022, who had the opportunity to apply for family allowances, or i so-called ANF, it should not have also receive the only temporary allowance and benefit from this monthly economic contribution.

It is therefore a violation and, as such, INPS has the right to request its return.

Who now plays the lead role is here‘Revenue Agency. In fact, to recover the creditis the procedure provided for by law, which gives the citizen precise timing and methods for repaying the unpaid amount.

Whoever is not able to pay his debt, may ask to pay the sums and payments. In this case, the advice is to go to the office to get the amounts converted.

Anyone who thinks they are affected by the the possibility to receive (or have already received) the notice and therefore must now return what he was not entitled to, he must first control his own situation by accessing the personal area of ​​the portal.

To do this, as usual, Spid credentials must be used. At this point, you are in control

the “Benefits and Services” section by tapping “Temporary check for minors” and exploring the “Consult and manage the applications you have presented” section dedicated to “payments”.

Here you get a complete picture of the monthly payments, the dates of the accreditations and most of all the sums which unfortunately have to be reimbursed, such as These concessions are not due.

Error in paying the Isee 2022 concessions, for the single check: can an appeal be made?

It may be that one noticed some at that time bit “generous” credits from INPSas to the exact payment of the amounts which the check provisionally alone.

Well, if there and then of course the surprise is pleasant, what may happen in the coming months will not be the same.

Do excess part of that received, if not all of it, will be returned.

Unfortunately, the fact of celebrating gods extra money from the public administration, always shows a double-edged sword. There are also those who have already reported the incident, it is clear that the double accreditation in March would be a mistakeadding those from the family allowances to those of the new contribution which has just come into force.

Who was there foresaw, did not spend the money by mistake, among the Inps 2022 benefits. The others have to return them instead. It remains to be seen whether the INPS will decide to put the loans on standby for the next few months in order to recover the sums that have actually been stolen.

It is also good to inquire about any appeal to compensate for the institution’s mistakes.

There is also a squeeze on allowances for adult children! The new requirements for Inps 2022 grants

Ma jo, a new INPS message also specifies the maximum ceiling paneling to be respectedin the case of individual checks paid to persons under 21 years of age, who have the possibility to claim the contribution independently, from the age of eighteen.

It’s about 22,500 questions that the INPS is currently examiningby sending communications for additional information on the beneficiaries of the measure, which is now active for the second consecutive month.

Why are citizens directly questioned? In these cases, the survey is not automatedbecause there is a need for information that cannot be found through documents in the hands of the public administration.

The controls specifically concern:

  • Enrollment in a school or vocational training course or a graduation course
  • any internship or job with a total income of less than 8,000 euros per year
  • Unemployed and looking for work in the public employment services
  • perform universal civil service.

Isee 2022 Grants: Pay attention to the income limit if the adult child no longer lives with their parents!

We have to present who are who essential conditions for an adult child to receive the state subsidy up to 21 years.

Especially the onesINPS tightens on the second pointconcerning the total income threshold for the young or not more than 8 thousand euros per year.

The possibilities, in this case, are twofold.

The first is that you Boy (or girl) lives with his parents or one of them. In these circumstances, over the tax burden, his produced income should not be more than 8 thousand euros a year if he is entitled to the monthly amount of the lump sum.

If on the other hand the Adult child no longer lives with their parents (or only one of them), is in any case attracted to the family unit if he is under 26 years of age and has not moved or with children, therefore it is always the tax burden of the parents or guardians. Therefore, the income limit to be respected remains valid, which is currently set at 8 thousand euros per year.

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