The Ministry of Education met with Anief for the decrees 2022/23 on the recruitment of Catholic religious teachers and education staff

This morning there was a video conference between the Department for the Education and Training System – General Directorate for School Personnel of the Ministry of Education and the trade unions on the topic “Information on DM Immissions and the role of the IRC and PED”. For Anief they were there for Alessandro Manfridi, Giuseppe Fusco and Vittorio Forgione. Dr. Luca Volontè presided over the meeting of the Department of Education and Training – General Directorate for School Personnel.

The meeting began with the presentation of the Ministerial Decree on the organic hiring of educational staff for the year 2022/2023. Like Anief, we regret the simple and simple formality of these meetings, considering that during the last meeting several observations were made: the table on the calculation for the staff of the educational staff was reviewed, the organic block overcome only and exclusively . about the educational staff, the possibility of the staff considering that the registrations in the educational institutions do not stop in January, but also last until August, the possibility of the staff in the derogation, to enable the activation of the courses, considering that the last contest goes back to 2000, request for a specific table for the educational staff, observations that fell into the air, according to the numbers and tables that were sent to us.

Vittorio Forgione stated that as far as the hiring and the role is concerned, we are really amazed: around 60 appointments are made at the national level from 67 redundancies, where the 7 redundancies are separated and the 400 vacancies are not taken into account. It seems really absurd, a real anger against a whole category that should be the flagship of the Italian educational offer. It should be noted that there are sentences against the renewal of the contracts and as anief we will continue to protect the educational staff in the appropriate places and finally we will mobilize the whole category. Last observation asks the trade unionists that the quick call is carried out within the set terms and provided the data of the available places that are not assigned.

The Ministerial Decree for the recruitment in the role 2022/2023 IRC is then presented, which, considering that the total number of vacant and available posts arising from the information system to teach the Catholic religion, compared to 70% of staff, for the school year 2022/2023, corresponds to 6,949 places; that the number of terminations with effect from September 1, 2022 is equal to 422 units and that, after the authorization of the MEF and MPA for the entry into the roll of 422 units, based on Art. 1-bis, paragraphs 1 and 2, of the legislation no. 126/2019, converted, with changes, by L 159/2019, decreed that the entries in the roll for the academic year 2022/23 will continue to be carried out by scrolling through the lists of the 2004 competition.

The total quota of 422 employment times is divided into regional quotas based on the actual graduations of each region in proportion to the places available in the staff for the academic year. 2022/23. According to the table attached to the decree, the places of religious teachers who actually enter the role for the academic year. 2022/23 seems to be a total of 130 units if the lists are related to the dioceses.

Manfridi intervenes and asks for explanations about the figures attached to the table of the decree.

In particular, a comparison with the table published by the Ministry in Ministerial Decree 252/2021 shows that in the remaining GMs deducted from the nomination quota, there are 562 teachers in childhood and primary in Campania in 2021, 415 in Year 2022; in the same role, the teachers of Calabria go from 191 to 150, while in the role of high schools the teachers of Basilicata go from 23 to 28. These numbers are not justified by those related to pensions, therefore a Control and feedback on the same. is requested numbers. In Lazio, 10 early childhood and primary school teachers appear to be placed in the role, when the lists were printed last year. It is requested that as many places as possible be obtained, above all by spreading the places provided in the diocese, between the places of secondary school and those of childhood and primary school and vice versa, if possible.

Finally, Manfridi asks Dr. Volontè to submit the following observation to the Ministry on a topic that is not in today’s meeting. If you look at the numbers, you can see that in the ministerial decree 6949 vacant and available posts are calculated, not of the 130 recruitments calculated for the academic year. 2022-23, plan to announce more than 6,819 places for the next competition, have to calculate the places that will become free for the 2023/24 and 2024-25. A number therefore more than two thousand places higher than the 5116 provided by the Prime Ministerial Decree of July 20, 2021, as published in the Official Gazette on September 28, 2021. Finally, it is necessary that the Ministry of Education and Mef according to the stabilization procedure of this Ministerial Decree provided, can check the numbers announced for the next school competition for teachers of the Catholic religion.

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