The Ministry of Education is living in uncertainty. Letter

Posted by Enrico Maranzana – The Ministry of Education acts as the designer of a Formula 1 prototype that evaluates its performance based on travel times, assuming the pilot’s ability as an exogenous variable.

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2012 The Minister of Education Francesco Profumo, in concert with the Agnelli Foundation, identified the middle school as the weakest point of the school system and expressed his desire to reform it: and in which we work with commitment ”.

2022 Minister Patrizio Bianchi said: “Secondary education must be reconsidered, especially the middle school” because it is the “weak link” of the Italian school system, it is not anchored in the primary and is not in continuity with the superior institutions. He also presented the educational model to strive for: “Not a school of information, but of education, of the training of critical skills”, a school oriented to the “discovery of content”.

In order to give substance to the thesis that was initially expressed, what the Ministry proposes online is transcribed.
High school, by disciplines:
 Stimulates the growth of independent study and social interaction skills;
 Progressively develop the skills and ability to choose according to the aptitudes and professions of the students;
 Provide adequate tools for the continuation of education and training activities;
 Helps to orientate the later choice of education;
 …

From this arises the perfect resemblance to the expectations expressed by Minister Patrizio Bianchi, because the disciplines are instrumental with respect to the educational objectives, because the autonomous study competencies are manifested in the discovery of the content, because the mandate, which the schools have become. underlined by the continuity with subsequent studies. Furthermore, the overlap of the importance of critical skills with the ability to choose is evident.

Let us close the circle and accept the pilot’s capacity as an endogenous variable: we will identify the origins of the pedagogical weakness of the high school that nobody wants to talk about.

The agendas of the teachers’ meetings that put many schools online provide the necessary information. There is no one who obliges the collegiate body to respect the rule “Periodic evaluation of the overall progress of the didactic action to review its effectiveness in relation to the planned guidelines and objectives, propose, if necessary, appropriate measures for the Improving school activity “. .

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