the minister met with the student forum, mandatory school-work change does not guarantee security

School: Minister Bianchi met the Student Forum. Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi met with representatives of the Student Forum in a video conference this afternoon. Obligation of the school-work diversion for students: “The modalities with which it is carried out do not guarantee the safety and real education of the students. These can not be considered as labor.” Rizza.

Rome, February 22, 2022 – The focus of the meeting will be on the topics of the state exam, paths for transversal skills and orientation, psychological well-being of students, school building and Pnrr education. The meeting will take place after the meeting on 8 February with the representatives of the student committees.
“We have announced a discussion with students on the most relevant issues concerning the school – says the Minister Patrizio Bianchi -. We are pursuing this commitment, with the whole structure of the Ministry. Next week, we will meet again with the representatives of the Forum for an in-depth analysis of the Pcto and the relationship between the school world and the world of work. “
Palermo, 22 February 2022 – “We oppose the obligation to change school and work for students as well as the modalities in which they are implemented, because it’s the safety and real education of students. not guaranteed.These can not be considered as labor, said the secretary of the Flc CGIL Sicily, Adriano Rizza.

“In a country that has lost a million jobs,” he explains, “and in a region like Sicily, where 15,000 students are lost each year, not just because of the decline in births, where educational poverty and poverty are steadily rising. unavoidable increase. ‘School dropout, where schooling is the lowest in all of Italy, the problem is certainly not the school that is not adequately trained for the job as much as the job offered.

“In a school where staff have been forgotten again – Rizza continues – and forced to live on a wage that is on the verge of survival, especially for those who are forced to work from home, that is shown by the fact that they can no longer recruit alternatives; in a school without adequate educational pathways built from the needs and territorial contexts of the schools, diversion when it goes well is useless, otherwise it becomes dangerous and this shows through the dramatic events of the last days “.

“The school must return to take on this fundamental and institutional role that educates citizens and individuals who are capable of developing that critical sense, capable of changing the world for the better, starting with work. “
“The Path to Transversal Skills and Orientation (PCTO) – says Franco Pignataro, Regional Coordinator of Flc CGIL Sicily’s schoolchildren – is a varied experience in the school reality of our country. It is therefore not possible to give an unequivocal judgment” .

“In my personal experience – he goes on to say – I have introduced some corrective measures to avoid inappropriate use by some companies of the sent students. In fact, I have suspended the agreements that had no training and professionalization function. The local market of the Inland areas of Sicily do not always offer the availability of an adequate entrepreneurial fabric, so we have set up training sessions in other regions “.

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