The Liceo Siciliani participated in the “Rotary Feeds Education” project

The students of the Liceo Scientifico “L. Siciliani”, led by DS Filomena Rita Folino, participated in a very special PCTO project, thanks to the agreement activated with the Rotary Club of Catanzaro

The month of September is dedicated by Rotary International to literacy and basic education and the Rotary District 2102, reference of the 51 clubs throughout Calabria, has achieved an important goal: pack 57,000 food rations that make up the food of the canteen schools. Zimbabwe. The launch of the project started from Catanzaro to involve nine other districts throughout Italy and arrive at a total of 500 thousand food rations for boys and girls.

Bringing food to school means that 2,850 children can go to school for a whole year. To do this, the reference organization is Rise Against Hunger, a partner of Rotary International.

The Siciliani boys, led by Prof. Francesca Ferraro, President of Rotary, by Prof. Lico, Ambrosio, Gaccetta, perfectly integrated into the Rotarian spirit of service, immediately showing great versatility and performing simple tasks, yes, but coordinated and perfect in execution and rhythm that made it possible, together with volunteers of all ages, with competence and quality to achieve the goal. Her commitment and skills were appreciated by the Governor of Rotary District 2102, Gianni Policastri, and by all district staff. The students in charge of Radio Siciliani also did their usual task of documenting the activity with interviews and insights.

The project integrates perfectly with the school program, it actually allows not only to declaim the goals of Agenda 2030, but to demonstrate with concrete actions what can be done to achieve more goals of the UN program. In fact, donating food to children, which they receive in the protected environment of the school, allows them to participate in breaking the vicious circle of poverty.

To enable a sustainable development is the task of the whole school community, to do it in a fresh and responsible atmosphere, like the one created on September 24 at the Comalca (Agro-food Center) in Catanzaro, means to have lived a unique emotion and this, thanks to the school that offers cultural and human formation and the lyceums represent the passage of a very important phase of life that builds the foundations of the values ​​of the professionals and of the women and men of tomorrow.

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