The “Leinet” project begins: presentation in Bagnara Calabra with dossier on the school competition “

“Leinet” is a cultural project that was born with the aim of bringing together all the associations, groups and realities that care about the Italian public school, education and culture.

The “Leinet.

workIn theEducation”, coordinated by Anita Pelaggi and sponsored by the same association La Voce della Scuola, will be officially presented, on August 5, in Bagnara Calabra (5:30 p.m.), in the town hall in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II (there is also a live stream on the Facebook page of the municipality di Bagnara Calabra and on the Facebook page La Voce della Scuola.

The presence of teachers and students will be especially welcome and will be a valuable opportunity to get to know each other, to compare themselves, to imagine and plan tomorrow’s school together.

The event will be attended by the mayor of Bagnara Calabra Adone Pistolesi, the councilor in charge of culture Rocco Fedele, the councilor in charge of school construction Mimma Laurendi, and Massimo Arcangeli, linguist, writer, full professor at the University of Cagliari. and honorary member of the association La Voce della Scuola, Anita Pelaggi national coordinator of the “Leinet” project, Diego Palma, president of the association La Voce della Scuola. The meeting will be moderated by Giuseppina Versace, coordinator for the institutional and political relations of the project.

The main goal of “Leinet” is to shape the school of tomorrow from the problems of today, to work together on the reconstruction of a school system that improves the work of teachers, that recognizes their professionalism and sure, the first floor. our sons and our daughters. A one-sided school, separated from the life of young people, favors their dispersion; a school that actively involves students in order to improve them instead attracts them, and those students are not lost that way (neither today, in school, nor tomorrow, in university or in the world of work).

Only in this way can we seriously aim for a school that, instead of being considered as a cost, represents its biggest investment for the Italian state, as for any nation that cares about education, training and citizenship education. A school that starts again from the culture of protecting and increasing the real capital.

On the occasion, a substantial dossier is also presented, prepared by Arcangeli, about the worst school competition in republican Italy, a selection so full of errors, and offensive of merits, to induce the professor, and with him two friends and university colleagues (Michele Cortelazzo In the Federico Sanguinetti), to launch an appeal in defense of the school, also signed by some of the most scientific intellectuals of our country.

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