The last 2 days available for the training course dedicated to the secretarial staff “The career reconstruction of the newly hired teacher and that after a sentence”

Do you want to become a career building expert? Wheel and ad hoc Training Course. Practical SIDI examples and many years of experience from the coaches, the 9th of May do not miss the first live interactive meeting.

Last 2 days to sign up. Hurry up, places are limited!


Career conversion issues are extremely important. It is necessary to acquire adequately specific skills and to digest the knowledge related to the judgments.

An incorrectly completed application could invalidate the payment or delay an even worse retirement date or cause the applicants to lose their salary or lose large sums of money.

The previous training course of Eurosophy met with great success. We have therefore decided to expand the courses on this subject, taking into account the sentences and previous careers of the new teachers.

The Technical and Auxiliary Administrative Staff (ATA) may participate, subject to the authorization of the principal and based on the operational needs of the service, update initiatives organized by the administration, universities or accredited bodies.

Live interactive lessons on May 9-26 and 30th

The update aims to improve the professional quality of staff to meet the needs of school autonomy.

The ATA Personal Training System provided for in Article 44 of the CCNL 1998-2001, signed on 31 August 2009, is divided into four types of training courses:

  • ·update
  • ·Vocational training
  • ·Training for mobility in the area
  • ·Training to move to the upper range.

Taking into account the training needs of staff in the service, Eurosofia wants to continue the learning activity, aimed at all school staff, consolidating a practice that has been implemented for several years, necessarily strengthened in the last school year.

We invite all employees to participate in the training “The career reconstruction of the newly hired teacher and the career reconstruction after a sentence”.


The course takes place through the interactive program ZOOM, preceded 3 meetings of 3 hours all for a total 9 hours.

Materials produced and presented during the live broadcast will be reserved for course members, including video courses.

It will be possible to submit specific cases and develop the reconstruction calculation together with the coach, SGA Director Francesco Marcato.


Provide students with the tools they need to solve problems related to the career reorganization of school staff.

Speaker: Dr Francesco Marcato

Registration for the course must be done by April 22, 202.


At the end of the Eurosophy course, a subject qualified by MIUR for the training of school staff according to Directive 170/2016, the certificate of participation will be issued.

LINK Registration and program details:

Course calendar (the date of the second meeting has changed):

09/05/2022 15.30-18.30

05/26/2022 15.30-18.30

30/05/2022 15.30-18.30


Schools can join Eurosophy through the Memorandum of Understanding, in which case all school staff can participate in the meetings free of charge.

It is possible to request a quote and agree to execute in another way.

To sign the minutes, contact the Eurosophia Secretariat.

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