the largest numbers in Campania, Lombardy and Sicily. At SAIE, we focus on new challenges for businesses

South and North share the largest share of investment: € 37.3 billion (43% of total) and € 36 billion (41%), respectively. The main focuses are on school buildings, smart cities, recovery, renovation and ecologically sustainable renovation of building structures in public areas.

Knowing and understanding the plan’s opportunities is the priority of the building chain. For this reason, innovation, investment and training in the world of infrastructure are key elements of SAIE Infrastructure, with the debut of the National Massetti and Floors Forum, organized by Conpaviper, the return of SAIE InCalcereo and Piazza SIG – Società Galerie Italiana.

The largest figure goes to Campania, which earns 36 billion euros (41% of the total)

Green Revolution, Urban Regeneration, Infrastructure Innovation, Sustainability. These are some of the goals that Italy aims to achieve through PNRR investments. A great opportunity to project into the future and who sees the bouquet as a protagonist. According to the latest data Ance, dei 222.1 billion euros, 108 are precisely in this sector.

If we then consider that 81% of these funds (€ 87.3 billion) are already “territorialised”, or that it is possible to identify the territories in which European resources produce market opportunities, the plan includes increasingly concrete connotations, particularly in some areas such as school construction, restoration, renovation and ecologically sustainable renovation of building structures, public areas and smart cities.

For construction and plant engineering operators the PNRR it can be the driving force for development and innovation that has been invoked for years. An opportunity for growth that, not to be wasted, requires preparation and the ability to interpret the needs of the market in advance. This is why issues related to the plan in the next edition of the SAIE, La Fiera delle Costruzioni, are central. Design, construction, systems, organized by Senaf, returning to BolognaFiere from October 19th to 22nd, 2022.

But how are PNRR investments geographically divided? South and North share the largest share. Actually €37.3 Billion (43% of the total), while in the north €36 Billion (41%). Then it follows Center with provided resources equal to 14 Billion Euros (16%). At the regional level, above is the Campania with € 10.4 billion (12%) followed by Lombardy with € 10 billion (11%), Sicily with around € 8.4 billion (10%) and Veneto with € 7.5 billion (9%). The investment volumes of Lazio with € 6.3 billion (7%), Piedmont and Puglia (both with € 6 billion; 7%) and Emilia-Romagna with € 4.6 billion (5%) are very similar. Among the Center’s regions, planned investments in the market (3%) amount to almost € 2.5 billion.

An opportunity for businesses not to be missed: there are plenty of discussion opportunities at SAIE

When communicated in the best way possible, the plan can finally work Renewal of the country’s infrastructure assets. For businesses and professionals, it will be essential not to miss the train of the PNRR and the “new construction culture”: the risk would not only be to miss a business opportunity, but not to let the market know its solutions and no longer be in it. Step with the time of a sector in continuous transformation. With its innovative format, which integrates exhibition and deep moments, SAIE Bologna It is for the operators of the supply chain the most important event in Italy to update, exchange opinions, network and even grow on a commercial level.

Especially when it comes to infrastructure. Always central to the event organized by Senaf, they will be the protagonists of the special SAIE Infrastructure Initiative, the large container in which, thanks to the collaboration with institutions, associations and strategic business partners, the excellence of Italian projects in this field would be. shown. But not only that: great space is given for informative moments through cycles of conferences on all the most important topics of the moment. Many initiatives dedicated to individual sectors are being developed within the SAIE infrastructure, including the National Forum for Screeds and Floors, SAIE InCalcereo and Piazza SIG – Società Italiana Gallerie.

The CONPAVIPER Screeds and Floors Forum is also being held at SAIE

The National Forum for Screeds and Floors, organized by CONPAVIPER – Italian Association of Substrates, Screeds and Continuous Flooring and Coatings, is the reference point for the continuous soil sector. For its third edition, it chose to place itself in the SAIE to consolidate its visibility and create a system with the entire construction supply chain.

The initiative will have a dedicated area with an event arena inside, a demonstration room for the training of applicants, the associative stand CONPAVIPER and the exhibition area dedicated to companies in the sector. At the National Massetti and Flooring Forum, the main representatives of the sector will review the industrial strategies, market evolution, reference legislation and the latest technological innovations, thanks to conferences, talks and speeches that are open to the business world. All starting from the premise that PNRR and bonus issues are issues that affect the entire construction sector and that the ability to connect and the dialogue that SAIE has been offering in Italy for over fifty years is essential for growth.

The choice of the SAIE as the forum of the forum, formerly always organized by Conpaviper exclusively and autonomously, is for our representatives of the club a strong sign of a collaborative openness, in the sign of mutual proactivity. – commented Massimo FumagalliPresident of Conpaviper. At SAIE, it is very important for us to restart and reaffirm the vital need for informative links: it is a unique opportunity not to be missed.

During SAIE 2022, with a new look designed by Senaf, which has taken over the organization’s lines since 2018, professionals in the sector will be offered the opportunity to participate in talk shows, thereby increasing their authority. In a historic moment like this, which highlights an overwhelming technical and legislative metamorphosis, the exhibition at the National Forum Screeds and Floors in the framework of SAIE 2022 is therefore an unforgettable opportunity for the various companies in the sector.. “

Following the success of Bari, InCalcereo confirmed, organized and collaborated with INGENIO

Moreover, after the success of SAIE Bari 2021is confirmed for the third year in a row, SAIE Concrete, organized in collaboration with INGENIO CA, Imprese Edili and Macchine Edili magazines. The initiative was tra the most popular of recent editionsand now it wants to make another qualitative leap, with more partners, a richer program in an area of ​​prefabrication.

The project will have a highly specialized soul to focus on various forms of concrete: pre-packaged and prefabricated, for buildings and infrastructures, for engineers and architecture. It is divided into conversations, done with the template 25 minutes talk show attended by experts and companies from the sector, and conferences, organized by the SAIE in collaboration with the industrial and technical-cultural associations of the sector, to address current issues of the various supply chains with reports and table rounds. take into account the weight of the PNRR in the context of the renewal of the country’s heritage. In addition, SAIE Precast, the collective prefabrication area, in collaboration with CTE and the training area, offers hands-on courses on concrete inspections.

The Panel of Infrastructure Initiatives is also enriched by Piazza SIG – Società Italiana Gallerie, an initiative that improves the tunnel supply chain, with scientific content and presentation of products, projects and case histories of excellence on tunnel strategic issues. coordinated by SIG, infrastructure managers, engineering firms and construction companies entrusted with the related works. SIG will also organize an international conference exploring the latest advances and future challenges for the tunnel industry.

Andrea Pigorini, President of the SIG stated: “This year, I’m pleased to confirm that the Società Italiana Gallery, (a technical-scientific association that disseminates know-how in the design and construction of underground works in the common house of the tunnel supply chain) will be participating in SAIE 2022 in an even broader form than in previous editions, including a kind of training information coordinated over a few days – “the Piazza SIG” -, dedicated to experts from the tunnel sector but also more generally. to an audience interested in learning about some of the most important infrastructure projects in Italy: I am referring in particular to the large cross-border Alpine railway tunnels (Brenner Base Tunnel and Moncenisio Tunnel), to urban transport infrastructures (line C of the Rome Metro), without maintenance forget about infrastructures, with sessions covering the design and implementation of maintenance interventions and upgrading existing tunnels in our country (upgrade and maintenance of motorway network tunnels), where the acquisition of the digital model of infrastructure and integrated and computerized design (BIM) of the interventions, offers great benefits in the management of Opera. “

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