“The Italian school sucks.” An executive: “When I read that sentence on Francesco’s shirt, I was moved.”

“I was even aware, because I thought I was comparing myself to him, that this generation, which is so detached from uncertainty and superficiality, from reality, has its feet firmly planted on the ground and is capable of a clear vision of the country. “Priorities”, admits a school manager from Veneto, referring to the gesture of Francesco Intraguglielmo, a student from Enna, Sicily, who took a written test of Italian by the state exam, at school, with a T -Shirt presented. with the inscription La italian school sucks.

An opinion shared by the Venetian school principal, shared by a section of the school community and by many ordinary people who did not stop at the headline of the message. But who finds an antidote to the indignation and concern expressed in the net by many teachers who have found the boy’s gesture in bad taste. “If I were commissioner of the subcommittee, who would review the student,” the professor writes, for example Luigi Novi on the Facebook group Teaching profession, “I would not think twice to ask him to focus the oral interview on the slogan that makes him so famous in these hours.” For example, Novi goes on to teach literature in a high school and is also the author of Book Class Influencer, «I would ask the boy to tell me the reasons which led him to present himself in this way at the first written test of the final exams; I would ask him to argue his dissertation and try to prove that it is the right or the best, with examples or supporting arguments, with data, statistics, expert opinions. In addition, I would be interested to know your suggestions for improving the Italian school ».

Two opinions that are far apart and both come from the world of education. The fact is that Francesco has always explained everything he is asked to do in his activity as a student representative and as a member of a student movement that fights for the betterment of the Italian public school system. He then wrote it in a letter, which was sent to the editors after the examination. To better achieve this goal, he then chose to be the protagonist of a provocation capable of finally reaching a wider audience. Finally clarified during an interview with Andrea Carlino fir TV School Horizon. The negative judgments expressed by the teachers against the gestures of the Sicilian student were really many, as can be verified on the net, combined with positive opinions, which instead show solidarity with the boy because they are capable, according to some, with an action to raise. a generally felt problem is irreverent: the need for the Italian school to improve in its ways, and its means, and its aims. Francesco is not angry at the teachers he had in primary school, nor at his former teachers, nor at the current high school teachers, nor at the commission he examines during these hours of exams. Mature. In fact, he points out, “many of my teachers have expressed appreciation for what I have done.”

Francesco speaks with knowledge of the facts, a sign that his preparation as a teenager and as a student as well as as a citizen is already well structured, which is the prelude to a good professional future. And he’s talking – Francesco – about the working conditions of precarious school workers. From the poor pay of teachers. Of redundancies. From the reform of the cycles. The selection and training of teachers. Of many other problems that have plagued the Italian school for years. He’s been talking about it for a while now and talking about it. But with her distinctive gesture today, she appears on the Italian scene as Greta Thunberg of the school that did not invent or discover environmental disasters, said only after decades bla bla bla. You can agree or disagree. It would be of little use to censor it, even worse to sanction it. Very useful to listen to it. Listen.

In a letter sent to the press, Francis explains his gesture as follows: “I have always hated this system and this year I have decided to stop complaining and do something to change the situation.” Therefore, thanks to Tik Tok, he started a movement called “Let’s revolutionize the school”. He contributed to this year’s events “and in a very short time we reached over 5,000,000 students on social media”. It is still: “They told me I would do accordingly for the test I will take today. There is no more suitable way than this. I did not change my mind when I reached maturity, the Italian school system sucks. Here in the country, the School the last wheel of the wagon. Nobody cares about us. We graduates lost almost two years of school. We are one of the countries in Europe that did the most DAD. At that moment we did not quite understand how much they take us away, but now that we are at the end of the journey, we have become aware of it. ” I would never have given peace if I had not, during the ripening, tried to draw attention to a symbolic moment of the anachronism of this system, to a school that is now in ashes, the place that is the basis of our democratic system, for itself self-imposed. That’s why I put this shirt on and wrote this letter. We are not going to go to school anymore, but other students are going through those doors and I will fight to make sure they have a better experience than mine. “.

A while Rossano SassoLecturer and Deputy Secretary of Public Education USA hard Wierder Towards Jong – “DENYour gesture of defense towards the community which, like it or not, has shaped you for most of your life, allow me, is wrong “- with the help of the latter come, as mentioned above, the words of a school principal who works very far from Sicily, a sign that the gesture of the pupil has really attained the desired visibility.

“I know Francesco Intraguglielmo – achieved Laura Biancato, Dean ofthe ITET “Einaudi” by Bassano del Grappa, in the province of Vicenza -. We had a long chat over a video call months ago. A moment of confrontation between two very different people in terms of age, experience, origin and role, but united by a single thought: to change the state school system for the better. I, a schoolteacher with 40 years of work behind me, schoolteacher for almost 30 years, I listened as this handsome boy became enthusiastic about the topics of learning environment, methodologies, study programs, selection and training of teachers. He spoke seriously, even critically, but extremely mature. I was even aware, because I thought, and I compared myself to him, that this generation, which so much carelessness and superficiality, shuts off from reality, has its feet firmly planted on the ground and is a clear vision of the country’s priorities . “. The school is one of these,” emphasizes Biancato, the teacher. the first school council of the Asolo district – the delegated decrees had just been applied, it was the sevens – as a student representative, and that too as a class representative was never quiet and never stops. behave, as on the whole the national school system did not have the criticisms which had accumulated in the following decades, and I was also in a privileged situation, even then in an innovative high school., which gave me so much.

Speaking with him, I thought that Francesco represented the Italian school population well, with his measured and polite behavior, but with the determination of those who live the problems of the national school as users, who see enormous shortcomings and do not want suffer. them ». Francesco started a movement a few months ago called “Let’s revolutionize the school”, repeats manager Laura Biancato, “which has very serious goals and proposals that I largely share, to the point that it itself is a personal battle for Decades and professionally. I then gave him support, via video call; I give it to him now too, without reservation, except that his gesture also amazed me that I know him. Not an easy action, and not without risks I imagine and read what the reactions of the school world were, above all, a world that still has two questions to ask.

Francesco is not rude at all, on the contrary; he is not disrespectful of the institutions. Conversely.

He is a boy with an alarmingly high civic sense. Francesco represents what millions of students think. Francesco must be listened to. If you have the patience to watch the interview below, you will realize it. “

The whole interview with Francesco IntraguglielmoTV School Horizon

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