The IC SG BOSCO of Campobello di Licata is accredited in the Erasmus + 2021-2027 program

Satisfaction for the whole school community and for the whole city. Erasmus accreditation is an important tool for exchange and collaboration between schools of different nations.

Alessia Guccione, director of the school of Campobello di Licata, has already started with her staff to launch this prestigious program. “It is a great opportunity for the whole territory with which we are already in synergy and harmony” Alessia Guccione adds: “Our school will be engaged until 2027 in a series of actions that will surely increase the educational quality and give us a boost and a desirable opening towards finally wide horizon ”. The reference to the pandemic is at least appropriate. Our boys are the ones who have been exposed to unnatural armor. We appreciate all the hope of being able to start over by taking advantage of all the opportunities that are offered to us. Erasmus + is certainly one of them.

The aim of the Erasmus + project in schools is to promote the quality of learning and learning in school education by supporting the professional development of teachers, school managers or other school staff. Promote the use of new technologies and innovative learning methodologies; improve language learning and promote linguistic diversity in schools; support the sharing and transfer of best practices in learning and school development.

“Our school is, in fact, a pillar of European growth, affecting teachers, school staff and, above all, our pupils,” said the principal. Alessia Guccione, “We are already in contact with foreign educational institutions with which we are implementing an exchange program”.

The Erasmus + program actually recognizes the organizational skills of the Campobello school, also gives credit for the planning activity that is carried out in the region and certainly provides an opportunity for growth for everyone.

One of the most important activities is the training of teachers, who are also given the opportunity to deal with foreign schools.

Campobello students will have direct experience at foreign institutes and the SG Bosco Institute of Campobello di Licata will take foreign students on tour.


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