The Ham Academy in Langhirano will be completed in a year

The Parma Ham Academy District will be built from June 2023, which will be built next to the Gadda School in Langhirano.

Work on the new building will start next July.

It is a new Territorial Laboratory for Employment (LTO) specific to the Parma Ham sector, a meeting point between supply and demand of specialized professionals.

The new facility will be a true miniature ham factory, with the small scale reproduction of the real production cycles for the controlled management of the product processing parameters.

It is therefore possible for you to create a real and vocational education that combines the skills derived from school education with those of the companies.

The guidelines of the training activity are defined in a specific purpose network agreement involving the training centers and employment agencies operating in the area, UPI and the province.

The project, which sees the province of Parma as a leader, has gained the accession of the Unione Montana Appennino Parma Est, Unione Pedemontana Parma, Langhirano municipality, to which other funding topics have been added, including the Cariparma Foundation, Parma Ham Consortium, Union . degli Industriali, Parma, I’m here! and Opem Spa.

The Parma Ham Academy district was officially presented on Monday 4 April at the Langhirano Cultural Center in the presence of Langhirano Mayor Giordano Bricoli and the President of the Province Andrea Massari, Alessandro Tassi Carboni Provincial Delegate for School Planning and Construction, President Franco Magnani. of the Cariparma Foundation, Margherita Rabaglia Manager Itsos Gadda, Vittorio Capanna Delegate of the Parma Ham Consortium, Paola Cassinelli and Cristina Muzzi of the School Building Unit of the Province, Andrea Ruffini Manager of the Provincial Planning and Planning Service, Sabrina Alberini, President of the Union Montana Appennino Parma East, Daniele Friggeri President of the Parma Pedemontana Union, Paolo Tanara President of the Parma Union of Industrialists, Alessandro Chiesi President of the Parma I’m Here Association, Andrea Pontremoli President of Innovationfarm, Ombretta Sarassi General Manager of Opem.

Province of Parma – 260 thousand euros
Cariparma Foundation – 200 thousand euros
Parma Ham Consortium – 125 thousand euros
Parma I’m here! – 55 thousand euros
Parma Union of Industrialists – 20 thousand euros
Municipality of Langhirano – 15 thousand euros
Union Montana Appennino Parma Est – 10 thousand euros
Pedemontana Parmense Union – 10 thousand euros
Open Spa 10 thousand euros
Local companies are also involved in the project (Frigomeccanica Spa and Macchine Soncini Alberto Spa) which supplies the plants for the ham factory.

“Parma Ham is one of the excellent products of our territory, which combines the quality of the craft with a high quality raw material – said the President of the Province of Parma Andrea Massari – This professional” know-how “must be protected, handed down , and integrates with the processes of technological innovation. Therefore, the province uses its own competences in the field of school planning and construction. We are also convinced that the cooperation between different public and private entities – here we have an excellent example – d “It is the strength of our territory and of our production system that can further guarantee development and well-being.”

“Langhirano is called Parma Ham, which is one of the most valuable foods in the world – emphasizes Franco Magnani, President of the Cariparma Foundation – This project serves to raise those who can do so and if possible improve this knowledge, Our reality. Helping the local productive industry is one of the institutional tasks of the Cariparma Foundation.

“Parma Ham is a product with a protected designation of origin and is the concrete expression of the historical connection with the territory of origin, with the people and the local community – said Vittorio Capanna Delegate of the Parma Ham Consortium – For Parma Ham producers, It is The birth of the academy is a practical demonstration of the willingness to invest in the future of the community by making it essential. Creating employment for young people and at the same time offering our producers the invaluable opportunity to have already trained staff and to have specific technical skills for our complex, productive reality. “

“Compared to January 2021, when the agreement for the construction of the laboratory was signed with the various signatories, ‘Parma, I’m here! “has chosen to increase its support for the project by providing a total investment of 55,000 euros – said Alessandro Chiesi, President” Parma, I’m in it! “- this is because the need arose for the structure a In fact, in Parma, the contamination between the training system and that of work has found a new formula compared to any other previous experience in Italy, that of the “FARM”. D ‘The aim is to create a new way of building trainings, which will offer young people an opportunity to learn and grow, while also respecting the needs of local businesses.

It will be 3.5m high, with a plan size of 24.16m.
There is the following equipment: three cold rooms, which allow to carry out the first stages of raw ham processing; a classroom of over 60 square meters, for didactic activities; a processing area of ​​over 80 square meters, equipped with a Ham salt line (with a desalinator tunnel, a pre-salt machine, and a mechanical massager); Management software to control the Parma Ham production process

There are also all the necessary accessory places that are required by the legislation of the sector for processing (depot, wardrobe, toilet for staff, etc.)

The processing of Parma Ham represents a characteristic process of “Made in Parma”, which is confirmed by this product as the first Italian province for the value of PDOs.

In the province of Parma (data from the Parma Ham Consortium) there are 140 producers of Prosciutto di Parma PDO with a production value of 750 million euros and a turnover of 290 million.

The sector marks a record year in 2021 for sales of Parma Ham cut into boxes, which increased by 6% the year before, over 100 million packages. Also important is the number of employees in the sector with 3,000 employees in the processing of Parma Ham for a total of 50,000 people employed throughout the supply chain, a very specialized supply chain consisting of growers, butchers but also plants and packaging Companies, refrigerators, meat processing operators, seasoners, slicing centers and cold logistics.

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