The hairdressing and beauty workshops have been inaugurated at the Fabio Baldi vocational training center

The inauguration ceremony of the restored hairdressing and beauty workshops of the Provincial Center for Vocational Training “Fabio Baldi.

The new laboratories were inaugurated by the Mayor of Capranica Pietro Nocchi, the provincial councilor delegated to the school and vocational training network Eugenio Stelliferi, the manager of the financial sector and vocational training of the province Viterbo Patrizio Belli and the director of the Nazzareno Bianchi center.

A ceremony dedicated to the children of the center, capable of benefiting from the restoration of the two laboratories, modernized and made safer, with the provision of new generation air purifiers that utilize the qualities of ozone to clean up the environment . The opportunity arose to initiate a discussion with the students and teachers and ATA staff of the Center on the next needs for the 2021/2022 training year.

The Mayor of Capranica Pietro Nocchi emphasizes the importance of the work of the people who work in the structure “because it is what then allows you to provide students with this experience, and to have peace, security and guarantee ever better have got. “

Mayor Nocchi then added that this is only one stage of a radical renewal process: “Here in Capranica this space needs to be completely renovated and therefore there is a further increase in the structure, both in terms of space and beauty. Also a sporting context fits into that context, because with the swimming pool the grounds we have created, it is possible to perform a fundamental physical activity for the children. “

Councilor Eugenio Stelliferi would like to remind you that from next year, ITS, as a training institute, will also be involved in the regional PNRR, which can participate in tenders and therefore benefit from important economic resources to gain experience outside the province and region. Gain skills and do more training activities.

The Director of the Financial Sector and Vocational Training Patrizio Belli emphasized how the province provides all that is available to enable children to grow in a positive, structured and secure context, to provide a service that is more important every day. ass. to contribute to the future of the students.

The director of the CPFP “Fabio Baldi” Nazzareno Bianchi wanted to thank the administrators, the mayor of Capranica Pietro Nocchi, the president of the province Alessandro Romoli, the councilor Stelliferi and the manager Belli for the promises made in October 2021 , and to be able to keep. inaugurate new hairdressing and aesthetics laboratories that make it possible to support laboratory activities in full safety for both students and teachers. “We are aware that this is not an arrival, but a stimulus to face the new and difficult challenges that lie ahead.”

The CPFP of Capranica was born together with the other four in the province – Viterbo, Civita Castellana and Capranica – in 2004, the year in which there was the decentralization of the vocational training function from the regional to the provincial level. The Capranica Center has gradually expanded over the years, reaching the size of the other three operating in the provincial territory. With the two addresses “Hairstyle” and “Aesthetic Treatments” in the profile of the wellness operator, it has become a reference point for over one hundred children participating in the seven presenting classes and so many families living in the various municipalities of Viterbo province. and the province of Rome. At the CPFP of Capranica, the fourth year of Dual Technical Training of Aesthetic Treatments is active with the opportunity to attend a fourth year of training, obtaining the professional diploma of the “Technician of Aesthetic Treatments”.

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