THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION – at the Palazzo Ducale the conference “School and training as engines of the strategic development of the territory

THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION – at the Palazzo Ducale the conference “School and education as engines of the strategic development of the territory: Challenges and opportunities”

Presented by, among others, Regional Councilor Alessandra Nardini

A cautious reflection on today’s school, on its functionality and on school and education counseling, but also on the planning of the provincial school network and on the future of the schools also in the light of the demographic decline, the Problem of early exit and non-marginal aspect of digital skills.

These are some of the topics that will be covered during the scheduled conference Tuesday, May 31, 9:30 p.m., in the Tobino area of ​​the Palazzo Ducale, in Lucca. Rendezvous – Title “School and education as engines of strategic development of the territory: challenges and opportunities” – ass aims to illustrate the results of a study on the mechanisms for the selection of high schools, promoted by the province of Lucca and the Polo Tecnico Professionale, in collaboration with comprehensive and higher schools in the Area.

The conference will be opened by the Provincial Council of Deputies with responsibility for Education and Equal Opportunities Maria Teresa Leonewhich followed the interventions of Marialuisa Giannini by Polo, and by Maria Chiara Montomoli (Tuscany Region). Also present at the Palazzo Ducale is the Counselor of the Tuscany Region for Training, Education and University Alessandra Nardini.

The session provides an opportunity for insiders, but not only, to initiate a discussion on the school of the future in our functional province, which ranges from the identification of actions to make the territorial school and the training leadership system more effective. to improve provincial school planning makes it more shared. But it is also the intention of working groups with institutions Actors to discuss some of the key challenges facing the education and training system in the coming years, such as the demographic decline, the qualification of human resources, in particular as regards digital skills, the increase of the foreign population.

The session is open to all actors who wish to participate in a joint reflection on the training offer on the guidance system, as well as operational proposals for the continuation of the reflection and for public action.

During the meeting, the main results of the research are presented (edited by Lorenzo Maraviglia, Statistics Office of the Province of Lucca) and data from the Regional Observatory on early school exchanges and the regional guidance system (edited by Sandra TraquandiEducation and training sector of the Tuscany region).

The director of the Territorial School Office of Lucca and Massa-Carrara will discuss it in a round table discussion. Donatella Buonripos, together with the principals and representatives of: Zoning conferences; Employment Center of Lucca; professional technical center; Comprehensive institutes and association of STAF training agencies.

The conference is coordinated by the journalist Anna Benedetto.

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