The foundation of the education that makes children grow

Logo of the Diorama project (Photo taken from the Facebook page of the Charlie fa Surf Social Cooperative)

Education of every order and degree takes over one Core value and the creation of a more inclusive society that pays attention to all kinds of freedoms. In particular, the same has an extremely important value in terms of the formation of those who give Citizens of tomorrow.

The importance of inclusion

The inclusion of minors – especially those in marginal conditions and risking leaving school – it is certainly an extremely important challenge. The educational institutions they are a primary place of Socialization outside the family and at the same time of Reduction of inequalitiesfor all children and adolescents.

The Project Diorama

The contrast to the School dropout – particularly in neighborhoods and urban areas where the risk of this phenomenon is higher and where there are no education agencies – is assumed an essential importance to generate new opportunities of development and study and at the same time bring to life new virtual practices to prevent these phenomena and to realize the same opportunities for everyone regardless of the social context of origin. With respect to this question, the diocese of Cerignola – Ascoli Satriano gave birth, thanks for an action of Diocese of Caritas and to the funds of8 × 1000called to a project Dioramawhich aims to identify and track children in difficulty who are at risk of dropping out of school. Interview about this project activity, Don Pasquale CotugnoDirector of the Diocese of Caritas.

Charlie fa Surf Project Logo (Image taken from the Charlie fa Surf Social Cooperative Facebook page)

The Interview

How was the Diorama Center born and what are its goals? Where does this name come from?

“Center Diorama is an educational center born with the Caritas 8 × 1000 projects. It comes to life from an earlier project Charlie is surfing, which provides for street entertainment in some very peripheral neighborhoods of our city. Ass Charlie is surfing that Diorama are two song titles by the band Construction site. I chose these titles for their meaning, Charlie is surfing picks up a sculpture by an artist from the 90s, depicting a child with his hands nailed to a school forest and depicting the oppression of a school institution in a culture that could not keep up with the child. Charlie is surfing it is precisely the way to free this child from an oppressive culture and is a hymn to freedom. Our project becomes a cultural instrument in the hands of the children to take back their future. Diorama, on the other hand, is the reconstruction that is done in museums; in fact, the subtitle of our project is the place where you can grow and dream therefore it symbolizes the construction of a safe place, because we have created an education center from street animation. So, this board that, in the project Charlie is surfing there was a pencil now nailing it in a neighborhood and providing a safe place where the child can live, stay and grow, but above all have the necessary tools to develop themselves ”.

What is the value of the study for minors living in delinquent conditions?

“Study becomes a fundamental tool for them,” said Don Lorenzo Milani, speaking freely because it is an essential cultural instrument for gaining their rights. A child who does not study and does not go to school is a child “that does not have the cultural tool to assert itself, which as an adult remains subject to the criminal power of another. This is what happens in our suburbs, where there is a lot of dispersal and school dropout.”

What are your hopes for the future with this project to support the young people who are currently in difficulty?

“We have moved from the planning phase to the establishment of a social society, which now manages the center itself. The cooperative is named as the first project Charlie is surfing with which we have created a job opportunity for young people who care about our territory. Our hope is to be able to enter more and more neighborhoods, with the aim of being close to and supporting the most vulnerable families. “

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