The first trainings for professionals in the dry stone are underway

The four parks Gal proposes a cooperation project full of initiatives and ambitious goals

Among the goals, setting up a training for young people and beyond

LECCO – Dry stone artifacts represent a tangible and intangible heritage patiently built and maintained over the centuries. In 2018, UNESCO recognized its value and demonstrated the need to preserve it. With these assumptions, the LAG four parks Lecco Brianzain collaboration with the LAG Vallebrembana (Leader) in the LAG Valtellinacalled a cooperation project full of initiatives and ambitious goals “P-Art: one stone over the other”.

Among the goals, setting up a training for young people and beyond. Giacomo CamozziniPresident of the Lecco Brianza Four Parks GAL: “We are working on the many actions planned by the project, studies and interventions aimed at improving this heritage and helping it become a relevant tool for local development in both cultural and cultural fields. Today, we are talking about one of the most significant actions: the training of specialized staff. by the people of this territory, but with an eye on a good path that can also retain and pass on the training of prestigious professionals who have their roots in the tradition.To train future professionals from dry stone , a real “human capital” for our territory, we have as essential cooperation with the main realities of the Lecco building school: we are talking about ANCE Lecco Sondrio, ESPE Lecco, Fondazione Clerici. With them we have organized these new high-level training offers, which will lead the area to exhibit with dry stone professionals. In addition, we work with project partners to institutionalize this professionalism as a training offering at the regional level.

Sergio PiazzaPresident Ance Lecco Sondrio: “It is with great pleasure that we have joined the proposal of the LAG, which educates young people in a specialty of the construction industry, which opens up new job opportunities through the acquisition of a traditional experience. Initiative goes well with the needs of construction companies to have staff with their own well-defined professionalism and at the same time do the maintenance of the territory, which is also essential for its safety “.

Giovanni Gerosa, President Espe Lecco: “The subject of youth education is at the heart of our organization’s activity and represents a concrete concern of all the social partners that make it up. Construction, however, not only offers young people important job opportunities, which the families themselves consider too little. The dominant cultural model in our society does not appreciate manual work with importance, and generates a demand among companies that do not find adequate answers. An initiative like this opens up new employment opportunities in a niche of our sector that has yet to be explored.

Riccardo CutaiaVice President of ESPE Lecco: “For schools, collaborative projects aimed at vocational education and training are an institutional obligation. “It is imperative for the whole world of work. For these reasons, we have not hesitated to marry and share the dry stone education project, for sure of the success it will have in our territory.”

dry stone walls

Vittorio Tonini, Secretary General of the Confartigianato Imprese Lecco and Vice-President of the LAG: “Our association, also as a member of the LAG, has always been committed to training the new generations and having a close relationship with the local school network. The preservation of the cultural and professional heritage is well established in this project. Collaboration with vocational schools like ESPE and the Clerici Foundation also ensures that the course has positive results.

Anna Grattarola, Head of the Lecco Headquarters – Clerici Foundation Building Sector: “The Luigi Clerici Foundation welcomed the proposal of the LAG, as it always provided for the conscious and functional development of the individual – on a personal, professional and social level – through targeted levels. Ways to unleash the potential of everyone, to enhance their uniqueness, with a methodology aimed at bringing the world of education closer and closer to the world of work. In order to enable them to develop knowledge, that is to say, to enable them to apply knowledge in real situations, all the more so when reality is strongly linked to the territory in which students work: an important didactic goal of the sector is what is associated with the preservation and expansion of local culture and traditions, and we thank the LAG for their help in involved in this way and offer our students the opportunity to learn the technique of dry stone walls and the opportunity to learn new skills that will specialize some of them in the future in a sought-after professionalism ”.

DENOn April 6, the students of the Clerici Foundation construction school in Lecco will begin the first lessons Training for dry stone professionals.

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