the first programmatic table took place

It was on the morning of Friday 4 March at the Iti ‘Marconi’ Institute in Pontedera, op first programmatic table of the Valdera school building. At the meeting for the province of Pisa were the president Massimiliano Angori, the provincial councilor in charge of school construction Cristina Bibolotti, the provincial councilor for school planning Antonietta Scognamiglio, the councilor for school policy of the municipality of Pontedera Francesco Mori and school manager of Pontedera. provincial school building managers Vincenzo Simeoni and Giovanni Gestri, officials from the province of Pisa for school planning. Also present, always for the provincial body, the engineer Katia Bernardeschi.

“It was a very fruitful first meeting, which resulted in a good collaboration with both the school administrators and the municipal administration of Pontedera,” said President Angori with satisfaction. “For the next school year, we can do that must have more space available Pontedera as the number of enrollments in general as far as the ITI is concerned, but also as far as the “Pacinotti” is concerned, has increased. Missing classrooms can be recovered from it School villageif the appropriate conditions are identified, through effective collaboration between institutions, but also at Palazzo Blu as the local government announces that they can move in a timely manner part of the ‘Curtatone’ media, which will benefit from the places for this year at Palazzo Blu itself “.

Angori continues: “Therefore, excellent synergies that predict our effective solutions. It is important to remember, among other things, that the province has created modules for the value of 700 thousand euros, Care to deal with this health emergency, as well as being the only Tuscan province to build a new school space at appropriate times such as that of Palazzo Blu, again thanks to the fundamental contribution of the municipality. “Attention is being drawn to the Pontedera school complex for ever more effective management of school spaces in times of pandemic”.

“A path that has also recently been added to the start of work on the new ‘Montale’, and which also sees the discussion of important topics such as school inclusion, because in today’s first table the question concerning the Places that are currently available to students. With a disability. made available to schools, also based on the evolution of the health emergency, we will convene a second operational meeting, ”Angori concludes.

“Today’s meeting confirms the close and fruitful cooperation with the leaders of the schools in the school village, again ready to seek viable and sustainable solutions to properly plan the necessary actions for the start of the new school year. The school village is an increasingly strategic reality for training throughout the Valdera region and at all institutional levels it is essential to continue working in the name of the best synergies “, adds School Policy Advisor Francesco Mori.


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