The first charitable school & tennis academy is presented in Bordighera

Bordighera. The relationship between the City of Palms and Tennis at the center of the event, which was staged this morning by the historian Tennis Club over Antonio Stoppani 15, elected by Belluzzo International Partners and Trust & Wealth present the first Charitable School & Tennis Academy for the best European talents.

“We are always open to welcome people who work in sports, for young people and with young people. Our administration is fortunate enough to have the first tennis club in Italy, we try to improve it and this is an event that allows us to Increasing the value of our tennis club “ says the deputy of Bordighera Mauro Bozzarelli.

After a Mini Tennis Clinicwas held a debate focused on Tennis in Bordighera from 1878 until today. It all started like you first tennis club in Italy: the Bordighera Lawn Tennis Club, who gathered great champions and generations of young people who were inspired by them. In addition, you will The Billour family was born Sirt Rackets right in Bordighera and finally, in more recent times, the city was chosen by Riccardo Piatti as a location to create your own academy: the Tennis Center Platen. Now the city has been re-elected to present a new tennis project: the first Charitable School & Tennis Academy for the best European talents. The Tennis Foundation, Association founded by Turin lawyer Simone BongiovanniIn fact, it has become the goal of Support talents, who often stay in the shade because they can not reach a great tennis, such an opportunity for those who normally have no options. It was born that way Tennis Campus, entrusted to the first tennis academy Emilio Sanchez, Founder of one of the most successful academies in tennis history.

“The Tennis Foundation is a charity that tries to spread access to young talents from less well-liked backgrounds. We are working on the first charity academy in tennis history. There is high school, tennis training for twenty European children from less well-off Families: Today we are in this historic club, the first tennis club in Italy, to present this project together with the lawyer Alessandro Belluzzo who invited us to this beautiful event in Bordighera “ – explained Simone Bongiovanni, Lawyer and Founder of the I Tennis Foundation – “Our driving values ​​are those Meritocracy, as only the talented boys are selected, in the Solidarity, understands to favor the third, fourth and fifth choices, which require concrete support to be able to excel in this sport, but the mission is, exclusively pro bono, to promote the school and tennis education of talented children, but without means from disadvantaged geopolitical, economic and social contexts “.

As speakers, they intervened in the debate Alessandro Belluzzo, who presented the events of 2022 and the partnership with the I Tennis Foundation; Simone Bongiovanni, who explained the objectives of the I Tennis Foundation; Gisella Merello, which focused on the historical importance of the Bordighera Tennis Club; Antonello Ranzonewho illustrated historical notes about the first rocket factory in Italy, and the sheep Mauro Bozzarelli, which was welcomed by the mayor and the municipal administration.

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