The experience of school inclusion as a model taken by Miur, including new proposals from Prato []

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The experience of school inclusion as a model taken by Miur, including new proposals from Prato

It helps to write the Ministry’s guidelines. In Rome, the Mayor Matteo Biffoni and Maria Grazia Ciamblotti, who asked to learn Chinese from primary school, improve English, but also less full classes and the presence of specialized teachers

The Prato school model is used as a model for the drafting of the guidelines of the new document on multicultural guidelines published by the Ministry of Public Education. The consolidated planning, the collaboration between the municipal administration school and the third sector, together with the training of staff are the strengths of the Prato experience, which was presented to the Ministry of School Director Maria Grazia Ciambellotti on the morning of March 17th. . by the School Integration Observatory and by Mayor Matteo Biffoni.
Not only the presentation of the model, but also new questions, starting from the Prato experience: “I asked the Minister – Ciamblotti explains – that the resources for learning foreign languages ​​be strengthened; English but also Chinese from primary school”. An application based on consolidated data: foreign children are struggling to learn Western languages, so we prefer to focus on English. After all, Italians are increasingly asking to study Chinese. “In this way – further Ciamblelotti – favors a one-on-one inclusion.”
The other proposal concerns the number of pupils per class: the ceiling has to be lowered, because students always come during the year, who have the right to be welcomed. Ask also for teachers’ staff, for Ciambellotti In addition to strengthening the chairs, it is also necessary to introduce in the school the obligation of teachers specializing in Italian education for foreign students (Classes A023), a figure for now only in Provincial Centers for Adult Education.
“These proposals – Ciamblelotti concludes – are already contained in a document that we have provided to the regional school office and that we hope can be implemented.”

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