The European vocation of the Bobbio di Carignano Institute

“The European vocation of our institute is further enhanced by the importance we give to the study of foreign languages, thanks to the presence of two sections of modern and dynamic Liceo Linguistico” is what Professor Claudia Torta, the head of the “Norberto Bobbio” Vum Carignano. He continues: “In a healthy and calm environment, with renewed resources and tools such as multimedia laboratories, boys and girls have the opportunity to prepare not only to confront the world of work, but also and above all any type of university faculty. Its multidisciplinary Character favors you Ability to independently address and solve both communication problems and those of more diversified operational areas such as the historical-economic, legal and artistic-literary sector, without neglecting good preparation in the scientific sector. In summary, Liceo Linguistico, in addition to promoting the development of the student’s personality and culture. therefore, it favors the introduction of the person into a dimension of “citizen of the world.”

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The teacher Caudia Torta

In Liceo Linguistico “Norberto Bobbio”, projects in the language sector are numerous and prepare students to attain language skills.and relevant thanks to external certifications PET and FIRST for English, DELF for French and the ESABAC project, DELE for Spanish and FIT IN DEUTSCH for German. These certifications are of fundamental importance because they are recognized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and can be used at some university faculties.

Priorities are exchanges and study stays which presents children with the reality of the country whose language they are studying and practicing. In this regard, we hope to travel back soon. But already at this beginning of 2022 Bobbio will be there Transalp Project : five students from the fourth e-class of Liceo Linguistico have picked up so many French boys and this March, our Bobbio students will be going on the “visit” back to France.

The institute also organizes the Intercultura Projet an de Wep which allows students to study abroad for the fourth year. This is the case of two students from the current Fourth D who are one in Canada and the other in California.

Il Bobbio is not new to this kind of activity – say professors Diegoli, Mejnardi and Fabbri- is known as the “xenophile” vocation of our institute, which holds the intercultura among the various projects. Foreign languages ​​promote the development of the student’s personality and provide a broad spectrum of cultural education and favor the inclusion of the person in one dimension of the citizen of the world. “

In addition to fostering the development of the student’s personality and providing a broad-spectrum cultural education, the acquisition of tools such as the knowledge of modern languages ​​is favored.and the insertion of the person into a dimension of the citizen of the world and consolidating the methodological and cultural foundations confront different study paths at university level. But not only that. An excellent springboard for direct access to the world of work, where flexibility of skills, structured language skills, the habit of dialogue and comparison are considered as primary needs.

Bobbio Institute of Carignano High School

Bobbio Lycée zu Carignano (Photo Letizia Peretti)

The Liceo Linguistico allows students with a communicative competence in his mother tongue and in three foreign languages ​​from his high school experience, reinforced by the awareness that language is an expression of different cultures and realities with which one is confronted and engaged in dialogue. Therefore, the study of foreign languages ​​has as its goal and purpose the opportunity to communicate, to build interpersonal relationships, to participate actively in the life of the community. Knowing foreign languages ​​opens not only the mind but also the heart!

We collected some testimonials from recent years and some of the students participating and let us now summarize what they have.

Why choose the “Norberto Bobbio” Linguistic High School in Carignano? Especially for the interdisciplinarity that characterizes it. The courses range from the humanities to the scientific and above all linguistic fields. The cultural background that is gained is such that you are able to confront any type of university path.

Studying foreign languages ​​(English, French and a third language of your choice between Spanish and German) is a must Battle horses; it favors open-mindedness and provides a competitive advantage for students, future workers in a world that is increasingly full of international challenges. Learning a foreign language, of course, includes not only grammar, but also literature and poetry, the knowledge of a culture other than one’s own.

We will soon be returning to conduct foreign stays and cultural exchanges, because the real essence is there: they allow us to strengthen the language skills taught in schools, to train students in a humane and pragmatic approach at the same time, to do well seen across the borders drawn on the maps.

In conclusion, we would like to repeat this once moreand those who are fully committed to building their own future have the opportunity to attend a school that provides them with the tools they need to become true protagonists of their own existence.

The fourth and fifth E classes of the “Norberto Bobbio” Linguistic High School of Carignano

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