The European project AdTransMedes ends in Spain

The last meeting is planned for the European project AdTransMedes in Vila-real, the Spanish capital, from May 7 to 13, when all partners meet for the last meeting of this route, funded by the Erasmus + program, which the pandemic has slowed in part.but which is now preparing to reap the benefits of exchanging good practices, the four European countries (Spain, Italy, France, Croatia) and twelve institutions including municipalities, schools and bodies active in social and pedagogical field.

The program of these days includes the second and final phase of the exchange of school education, which had already gathered in Sacile last March around 50 people, including students and teachers of the institutions involved: the Comprehensive Institute of Sacile with the Balliana Secondaire-Nievo (Italy), the Lycée Jean Renou in La Réole (France), the Italian primary school and the Rivarela primary school in Novigrad-Cittanova (Croatia) are welcomed this time and coordinated by the Miralcamp Higher Education Institute of Vila-real, for a week of activities that Experience a special moment on Tuesday, May 10th with “Mediation Day”.

This is an event that brings together students from different Spanish schools and that, through the presence of the Medes group, takes on a European meaning of “Meeting of the Schools for Peace”. The speaker of the meeting is José Perez Martinez, MD, Expert in Mediation Techniques, Neurolinguistic Programming, Counseling and Sophrology. The day also includes dynamic interaction between the students involved, with workshops and workshops led by expert trainers.

On the day of Europe Day, Monday 9 May, the last transnational meeting of partners is on the agenda, bringing together not only the schools but also the other bodies that promote AdTransMedes: the communes of the four cities that share also an institutional twin association, namely Vila-real, Sacile, La Réole and Novigrad-Cittanova, together with the associations active in the social and pedagogical field El Porc Espí (Spain), Solid’Avenir (France) and the cooperative Itaca (Italy). On the table the final evaluations of the project and the future prospects for mediation experience have been successfully launched since 2015 in this European framework.

The delegation leaving Sacile counts the project technical representatives of the Itaca Cooperative in the municipality of Sacile, together with the group of Balliana-Nievo Secondary School with 11 students and three coordinating teachers, accompanied by the director of the Comprehensive Institute Armida Muz . The city of Sacile is institutionally represented by the councilor for education and culture Ruggero Spagnol, who participates with the representatives of the municipality of Vila-real, lead partner of the project coordinated by the councilor Álvaro Escorihuela Claramonte, and with the mayor of Novigrad-Novigrad Antaeus Milos.

The “mediation shirts” with the logo created to illustrate the path of AdTransMedes and developed by the same children during the previous inter-school meeting in Sacile last March also travel from Sacile. A gift for the entire working group, promoted by the Comprehensive Institute and supported by the commune of Sacile also through the Aiccre funds for the twins, which will make this gathering of European youth even more festive.

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