The Dell’Acqua di Legnano Institute Introduced by Lions Club Lainate in School-Work Alternative Project

350 students, 20 speakers and 80-hour meetings, strictly online due to known restrictions. These are the numbers with which the program of initiatives, ieThe Lions Club Lainate created between November and January for the PCTOs (former school-work alternation) of the Carlo Dell’Acqua Institute in Legnano and the Liceo Ettore Majorana in Rhoin the latter case in collaboration with the parents’ committee.

The children of both institutions were above all able to witness Enzo Muscia, the entrepreneur today at the helm of A Novo di Saronno from which his story a book and the movie “The World on His Shoulders” with Grandma Fiorello are drawn. Among students in the fourth grade of Liceo Majorana, on the other hand, the path of the PCTO was enriched with a course on safety at working. Oreste Paleari, Specialist in the sector, who has structured it in such a way that children – for free – can obtain the relative certificate, which is legally valid for five years: a plus- “consumable” value in their future approach to businesses.

“Attention to school lies in the DNA of the Lainate Lions Club,” he said President, Marika Cittera. “From the very beginning, almost 40 years ago, our club organizes orientation meetings in the high schools, and the degree of collaboration with the principals, teachers, parents and friends of our association, whom I thank once again for the contribution together with Andrea “Zorzo, who organized the service of the club, allows us to respond better and better to the needs of the young people also in the face of the organizational constraints of this last period”.

The teacher of theInstitute “Carlo dell’Acqua” of Legnano, Laura Landonio, underlines the importance of the Lions of Lainate service: “A heartfelt thank you to the Lions group of Lainate, who have been working with our institute for almost a decade to provide training sessions for the three years on economic and financial issues. to organize; these are opportunities to bring the school world closer to that of work, which are always able to arouse the interest of the students, who through the testimony of the speakers understand the technical skills and soft skills needed to to achieve a university and work context. .

Liceo Majorana’s PCTO Teaching Director they comment: “Liceo Majorana, once again this year, has paved the way for transversal skills and orientation. For activities related to third-year students, Liceo has made the valuable and renewed organizational contribution of the Lainate Lions. used to coordinate this initiative by Dr. Andrea Zorzo. Fundamental was the intervention of Dr. Oreste Paleari, who spoke to our students about safety, with a training course that prepares for any other future PCTO activity. The Parents’ Association of Liceo Majorana, Expert Coordinated by Dr. Antonio Cozza, he also contributed to the organization and success of the Third Class Initiative, which offers the usual fundamental support. for the educational success of the students “.

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