the day of work for the national coordination of teachers

In the context of Labor Day, again this year, it is important to focus on the living and working conditions in which people find themselves. Teachers, precarious and not. The National Coordination of Teachers of the Human Rights Discipline calls on the Government and the Minister of Education to ensure that the professionalism of teachers and the social role they play every day when they go to school, and d ‘Meaning taken. At present, the increase in inflation and the cost of living cannot be ignored; especially in the large metropolises of the Center North.

With current salaries, a teacher is not able to maintain a satisfactory and peaceful standard of living. The declassification of the category of educators also has its roots in a salary which, in contrast to what appears to be superficial, does not allow a dignified life for those who were single earners and not owners. The collective imagination, strongly driven by the media, brings back a distorted image of the teacher, oscillating between the ascetic missionary who must sacrifice himself as a function of a noble ideal, and the psychologically unstable slacker subjected to all sorts of tests for his Assess aptitude and “vocation”. Update is imperative; the dynamics of relationships in the classroom are becoming more and more complex and the more or less employed pulpits feel the need to externalize without knowledge of the facts about the school world: those who have never been to a classroom talk a lot about it and often offer delusions or purely theoretical solutions.

Lots of money to earn a professor and salaries that are not adequate for the superfluous expenses, especially for those who do not live in a university.

We call for the opening of a consultation phase for knowledge workers, to carry out a real reform that will finally involve the main actors in education.

We extend a moving thought to the students who died during the PCTO.

Happy Labor Day!

Prof Romano Pesavento President of CNDDU


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