The college was born and will not be operational until next year

The organization chart of the Ministry and of the other institutional subjects working to govern the school (in particular Invalsi and Indire) is expanding and becoming more complicated: in fact, Article 44 of Legislative Decree 36 provides “School for Higher Education and Training for School Managers, Teachers and Technical-Administrative Staff”.
The new structure is explicitly envisaged by a measure of the PNRR and its creation is already causing protests and dissatisfaction, especially for the costs that result from it (several million a year).
The school will play an important role in the organization and evaluation of the training activity aimed at teachers of all levels, which will be divided into three-year courses from the school year 2023/2024.

The school – in fact clarifies the decree – the formations also define the support of Indire and Invalsi use.
In particular, three specific tasks are entrusted to this structure:


a) Promoting and coordinating the training of trained teachers (this function is carried out consistently and continuously with initial training and in accordance with the principles of pluralism and teaching autonomy of the teacher;
b) directly and directly the training activities of school managers, directors of general administrative services, administrative, technical and support staff;
(c) take over the tasks related to teacher training, divided into compulsory training and encourage further training.

As we have recalled several times, participation in training activities will take place voluntarily for the majority of teachers, while it will be compulsory only for teachers employed by the adaptation of the contract.
After passing the required tests (intermediate, annual and final), the teacher receives an economic incentive, defined by the national negotiations.
The inspections are carried out by the evaluation committee of the school, while the incentive must be between 10 and 20% of the salary.
It should also be noted that many aspects of the whole operation have to be laid down by decree of the Prime Minister.
It is in any case a medium-term project: training activities will start in 2023/24 and the first fees will be paid from 2026 onwards.

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