29 Gennaio 2022

“Il nostro mercato sarà l’universo”. Parole di Daniela Santanchè. Che ben riassumono l’equazione conoscenza/spendibilità insita nell’idea di scuola oggi in vigore.

The explorable makes sense to the extent that it proves to be exploitable. Knowledge makes sense and the extent to which it generates performance.

The commodity world works that way. It requires a cognitive regime that favors its compactness, which stays within the prescribed limits, without deviations of any kind or fate. In the long market of education can certainly not be an anomaly. In fact, there must be a laboratory of slogans and virtual practices. “Distance learning”, for example, in a non-digital, prepandemic sense, in which the work context educates students in the school-work diversion through the school-work diversion. Wonderful creature has as source the ideology of economic wonders, carried out with luxurious bank accounts and permanent contracts.

Transitional policies from the school world to those of work, they called it at the time. As if school were not the holy place for the education of autonomous, conscious citizens, accustomed to a critical mind, emancipated and educated, but a hotbed of the habit of exploitation, of the habit of eternal education, of the Accustomed to unbridled competition, to transformation. of the individual in progress. As if school were the site of a perverse ecological transition. The place to clean up the horizon of the imaginable and fill it with clichés, lullabies for successors, to the best of all possible worlds, plagued by exponentially growing social inequalities, collapsing planetary resources, chronic environmental catastrophe and the impractical future.

Then it happens that a boy, Lorenzo Parelli, dies on his last training day in an engineering facility, a white death in school hoursand here too the habit of the idea of ​​working comfortably for the commodified world manages to seem, as an uncomfortable guest, in the salon side of the idea of ​​a school preferring certain contemporary politics, spoiling the party atmosphere.

The boys are scared. Classes are taken to the streets by the boots and the police accept the instances of an ancient script, blow and wound.
“Immediate blocking of school-work diversion,” students shout. Cursed was the day the school business was transformed into a business school, the teachers meditating. Cursed was the day when the primacy of the economy was derived from existence as a historical constant with a metaphysical weight, whispering some observers consumed by frustration and
Quality of only form of comfort.

In the meantime, the state must somehow justify itselfthe. He has to make it clear to Lorenzo’s parents that the death of their son is a side effect in a perfect system. The exception that proves the rule.

He will make his classmates, his teachers, his colleagues clear. It must indicate the infinite direction of the world, or rather, of the universe, to put it in the words of Santanchè, and show for once the indefatigable logic of the accident of travel.

He makes it clear that school / work-unpaid alternation for most coincides with school / work-unpaid alternation and that white deaths are necessary steps, basically little talked about, so that the paradigm of market-al-of-can above all express themselves best. Children need to know, they need to learn, that is, to educate, they will advertise transparently.

The state will not flee in a generic self-criticism, in the police blows or in an indecent silence in the granite security that the eleventh abomination made to the detriment of the new generations will be digested by forgetfulness, ordinary, and in a short time. .

The state will not flee in the stupid power of the fourth power, diligently, with its marathon runners, to disguise institutional ballet as reality shows, and build up the hierarchy of balsamic facts, in which the gross declaration of the obligatory politician and Importance continues. the school death of a boy who cursed and claimed to be on the streets.


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