The CGIL invites President Limatola to a discussion on the merits of the reorganization

Gallotta: “Fp Cgil ready to collaborate to improve the province’s new macro structure. There are 200 staff, but some sectors are short of staff. Training, development and evaluation must be the guiding light.”

Grosseto: Recruitment of new staff, review of the evaluation criteria of their work, training and improvement of competencies within the new organization of the entity and the logic of the macrostructure. These are the requests of the CGIL Civil Service, which were delivered in a letter to the President of the Province, Francesco Limatola, on the occasion of 25 April.

“Since his inauguration, President Limatola – declared the provincial secretary, Salvatore Gallotta – he said positive words towards the staff of the institution, underlining his desire to improve their role. That, of course, pleases us immensely, but we have not yet had a meritorious discussion on the reorganization that the Secretary-General is working on, and so we ask for an assembly to be our very representative union of our contribution. Co-worker.

palazzo aldobrandeschi Province grosseto.jpgWe are aware that the so-called Del Rio reform, which effectively dismantled some of the sectors in which the province operated, greatly weakened the role of this intermediary. However, they still retain significant competences in the management and maintenance of over 1,700 kilometers of provincial and regional roads, from the network of buildings and school structures of high schools, provincial police and civil protection, PTC and municipal services, and the of environmental nature, among others.

As these are features that have an impact on the economic development, the quality of schooling and the lives of the citizens, we believe that it is crucial to create the conditions for a serious contribution from staff. to solve organizational problems. Today, the authority has 193 employees, but there are some sectors that need staff to perform their functions best, starting with the road system, where there are many retirement trips and others will come after that, without neglecting the administrative offices. must manage not only normal work but also activities related to the NRP.

In this context, we believe that it is essential to define new criteria for the evaluation of their work, and for continuous professional updating, also with respect to the continuous innovations introduced with the digitalisation of the public administration. , to perform their functions in the best possible way. . Topics that need to be managed in parallel with the definition of methods and times for the integration of the organic plant. From this point of view, the public function of the CGIL is prepared to make its contribution ».


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