The case of the class “Ghetto” in the primary school of Marsala

In Marsala, the case of the “ghetto class” at the “Asta” Institute in Marsala broke out. An entire class in which all 22 students were children of perpetrators. But the director of the institute denies this.

A “ghetto” class, as they say in these cases. The circumstances emerged from the Anti-Mafia Family Commission’s report on early school exchanges. An investigation that lasted eight months that deals with a delicate problem because that School dropouts in Sicily reach peaks of 20%.
“In that class, all 22 children are perpetrators.” Salvatore Inguì, director of the Office of the Social Services for Minors in Palermo, reports to the commission: “They have taken a differentiated class, essentially.”

Member of the committee, chaired by Claudio Fava, Inguì said he was called by a schoolteacher who told him “He made a list of children, this list of children … He asked me if I knew them. I know them all, he listed twenty-two for me. What are the characteristics of these children? All of these are Children of Individuals with Severe Criminal Prejudice. I said, “but why are you making this list?” .
On the statements of Inguì Fava commented in the commission that it is a story “How it deserves to be pointed out quickly, because it seems to me the opposite of what the pedagogical and social message of a school should represent. Where is this primary school?” Inguì replies that it is the school of Sappusi, a popular district of Marsala.

Comment on the report: “A first fact reported by Dr. Inguì. Especially in a reality like the Sicilian one, in which the social unrest of minors provides the formidable opportunity for criminal recruitment. It is important to understand whether this predecessor is an isolated case or whether rather on the outskirts of Sicilian cities the choice to build ghetto classes where collecting children from prejudiced or imprisoned parents is a non-episodic trace. “It would be a sign of a kind of institutional resignation to the already marked fate of those children and to the social context in which they grow up.”

Last night, the response of the head of the institute arrived, Anna Maria Alagnaannouncing the legal action.

With regard to the news published today in the press “about the ghetto class in Marsala”, in which twenty children, children of perpetrators, were registered, I would like to inform you that I have already taken legal action, in defense of the the good name of the educational institute, of which I am the manager of the working group, which deals with the form of the classes in accordance with goals and conscious criteria, as well as my own, to thank Mr. Inguì for the false, tendentious and unfounded statements sued in the Regional Anti-Mafia Family Commission under the chairmanship of Claudio Broad Bean. popular neighborhoods insist, are not counted among the 9 schools in the 28 region of the province of Trapani recipients.From interventions against school dropout, on the contrary, has a history of pä day-to-day successes evidenced by the growing number of enrollments. It is hardly necessary to remember that the school, every school, is taking an essential and relentless pedagogical action and of open contrast to any form of illegality. Because of this I ask President Fava to be examined in committee where it is easy to demonstrate, cards in hand, the baselessness of Inguì’s statements that he must answer for this defamatory and slanderous action in the appropriate forums. It is also my duty to take every other action in self-defense against the teacher who has unleashed this media storm, which on the one hand comes to the school, on the other hand also serves to clarify the transparent and correct procedures. with which classes are formed. The territorial and regional school bodies are informed about the whole affair ”.

The mayor of Marsala commented horribly on the matter Massimo Grillo:
“I hope it’s not true, it’s very serious. I believe in the seriousness of the sources from which the news comes, I believe and also hope that the manager can clarify soon. As for me, I have the manager formally asked for information and I await the report soon.

It also intervenes the Provincial Secretariat of the Pd of Trapanibut in a more decisive way. “We learn with concern the statements made during the meeting of the Regional Anti-Mafia Commission by Salvatore Ingui ‘, Director of the Provincial School Office.
School is a place to discuss and meet, but above all for growth and boys and girls are all the same.
When the news of the ghetto class at the school of Sappusi (Marsala), consisting of girls and boys who are common children of perpetrators, is confirmed, and with the place where the statements were made, we find it hard to believe that they are unfounded, it would mean that the educational role of the school institution is totally lost sight of.
Consequently, we ask that immediate action be taken to remove this condition, which is not tolerable.
It is clear that the matter deserves study and that it is our commitment, if necessary, to consult the Ministry of Education through our parliamentarians. “

So instead of on Facebook, Antonella La Francesca, teacher of the “Asta” Institute in Sappusi, defends the school.

The Sappusi Institute draws its inspiration from Articles 3, 33 and 34 of the Italian Constitution. It is a school that contributes to the education of human beings and citizens according to the principles enshrined in the Constitution and respects the expansion of individual, social and cultural diversity. Sinful educational and learning environment and the diversity of students. In the learning climate of our school, we find the child of the professional, who together with the child learns from “a disadvantaged parent”, because we are the school of inclusion. Like it or not we are a school that welcomes everyone! We are not the school that is marginalized! This can be a credit to us. I remind you that those capable and deserving, even without the means, have the right to attain the highest levels of education. Our school makes this right effective by ensuring heterogeneity on the occasion of the formation of the first classes. The children of “weak” or “disadvantaged” children are a resource for the school community, which has to confront and learn in the diversity of the educational path of people and citizens. I am indignant and deeply embittered. This article literally shocked me and with me it shocked my colleagues who have been working in this district of Sappusi for years. This neighborhood and the whole community belongs to us and we will defend it with detached swords and without hesitation, with our heads held high as Bianca Stancanelli said.


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