The carnival at the Isis Pertini in Monfalcone becomes a political case

The Carnival at the Isis Sandro Pertini in Monfalcone there is a political case. The regional councilors of the brothers of Italy raised the issue Alessandro Basso, Claudio Giacomelli and Leonardo Barberio. “The decision taken by the teacher to devote an entire week to carnival clothes leaves us surprised at the merits and method. In this unusual idea stands out on Wednesday, dedicated to the exchange of sexes. And in this case the inappropriate. slips into the riots “.

“For heaven’s sake – says councilor Basso – no one is angry about the carnival, but we really do not understand why the school should organize a whole week with thematic masquerade. Is that really the role of the school? After months and months of Father must make school again for our young people the place of education, learning and growth “.

“We – adds group leader Giacomelli – believe that the school also represents a symbolic identity that needs to be preserved and not made available for various masquerades and carnivals.”

“To aggravate the situation and increase confusion – Barberio intervenes – the school foresees a day dedicated to ‘gender reassignment’. This initiative. Because if the theme is that of sexual identity, then there is the risk that of a delicate reduction. and important subject like this to an indecent carnival antics “.

“If, on the other hand, the aim is to increase students’ awareness of gender equality – so Basso continues – the confusion that male and female are identical is perpetuated, so that a man in a skirt, instead of just being ridiculous, helps fight discrimination by showing that there is no difference between him and a woman. Instead, fortunately, males and females are profoundly different. and maintain their identity without either of them having to transform or disguise themselves. To confuse gender identity with equality of rights represents nothing more than a manipulation in the sacred struggle for gender equality.

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