the candidates talk about school and young people

It’s a pretty hot month and not just on Italian beaches. On the political level, the preparations for the election campaign are in full swing, which has already lightened the spirits of the various camps.

Nowadays, the political forces mainly discuss about the school and young people, with party leaders who are the real protagonists of the political scene. He is currently discussing Enrico Letta’s declaration to introduce a wealth tax on the rich income, in favor of less popular young people. But not only that, there is also the expression between Calenda and the center-right about the future of the school and the education of girls and boys. In short, there is a lot of meat on the fire and everything is burning that we will see some good ones in the next month.

For Calenda there is only high school, Forza Italia: “False and anachronistic proposal”

“All children of all social status must go to high school, professional and technical studies must be postponed until later” the Action Leader explained to the “Corriere della Sera”. A statement that did not go down to the center-right, especially to Valentina Aprea, deputy of Forza Italia and one of the supporters of the recent ITS reform: “It is a false and anachronistic proposal that would lead to a further increase in school dropout and education, which is already very high in our country, and eliminate education and vocational training in the regions.” said the forceist MP.

The league is also against the proposal of the former Minister of Economic Development. Matteo Salvini echoes Valentina Aprea as follows: “Calenda wants everyone to go to high school, enough with technical and professional institutes. It seems nonsense to me, for thousands of people who also comment on the proposal on social networks” the leader of the league writes on social media, supported by the Undersecretary for Education Rossano Sasso who relaunches: “Those who speak like this confirm that they do not know the extraordinary reality of the technical and professional institutions in the country, which provide a top-level training and guarantee vital job opportunities, especially in certain territories.”.

Enrico Letta’s home to 18-year-olds: the political conflict

The debate about the future of young people is not the only thing that needs to be done in school. In these hours he definitely discusses another proposal, that of Enrico Letta to introduce the “Dowry to 18 Years”.. In a nutshell, the proposal of the leader aims to offer the less popular youngsters a small treasure (we are talking about 10 thousand euros) to spend on training activities, but also for food and accommodation. Therefore, the secretary of the PD wants to set up a property tax, which will burden the richest incomes, from which they will draw for the financing of the incentive.

A project – according to the leader of the Democratic Party – fundamental in the perspective of reducing inequalities. A measure that is actually not new. In a document presented by the Democratic Party in 2021, in fact on the occasion of parliamentary discussions on tax reform, The hypothesis of the establishment of a “dowry of autonomy” of 10 thousand euros was also includedto assign to 18-year-olds “Coming from low and middle income families and related to the financing of expenses for training and education, work and entrepreneurship, home and accommodation”.

The hypothesis is now returning to the field as one of the strengths of the electoral program of the center-left traction PD, even if it seems to have already met the first obstacles. “Letta holds with a coherence worthy of another cause, on the inheritance tax, to give dowry to eighteen-year-olds, and confirms that the rotation of the Democratic Party is that of the tax party.” Anna Maria Bernini, president of the Forza Italia senators, told “TgSky24”. Even in the area on the left there are those who have doubts: “The problem of young people is not solved by taxing the super-rich and offering 18-year-olds a home. And who turned 19 years old? Young people don’t want a home, they want hope for their future, they want a concrete job opportunity, not the precarious job of a day or a week” commented the pentastellato leader Giuseppe Conte, testimony as the alliance between PD and M5S still navigates troubled waters.

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