the #Bevisenzaplastica project at 11 institutes in the Metropolitan City

By next school year, 11,500 students from 11 schools in the metropolitan city of Florence will be able to drink water for free, thanks to the installation of 18 fountains. This is the #Bevisenzaplastica project designed by the CR Florence Foundation and implemented with Publiacqua, the Metropolitan City of Florence and the Regional School Office for Tuscany. In addition, all students receive water bottles to get water from the donors.

The project, which was tested last year in primary and secondary schools in Grosseto and its province, is coming to the metropolitan city of Florence with the aim of limiting the use of plastics to protect and protect the environment. Respect for the environment, which goes in the direction of a more sustainable development of the territories. All values ​​that are promoted in schools where children can be educated to a more conscious growth in respect of the consumption of water resources.

The fountains, supported by the CR Firenze Foundation, are installed in 11 second-grade secondary schools: Liceo Galileo, Liceo Pascoli, Istituto Calamandrei, Istituto Peano, Istituto Saffi, Istituto Gramsci, Istituto Castelnuovo, Istituto Gobetti / ITello, Russellta, Meucci and IIS Cellini. The thousands of students interested in the initiative will receive free water bottles provided by Publiacqua, a company that distributes metal water bottles free of charge to primary school pupils in the region, enrolled in the first school year since 2019. The Metropolitan City will identify the characteristics of the school premises for the installation of the fountains, the installation of which will be facilitated by close cooperation with the technicians of the companies, and will provide the resources to the schools for to guarantee their maintenance from the third year.hire Commission.

“Florentine students become conscious protagonists of good practice – says Gabriele Gori, Director General of the CR Florence Foundation – who want to reduce the use of plastic. Our desire is to educate the new generations to respect the environment. Only by d ‘Triggering good behavior among young people, we can guarantee a future for our planet’.

“Environmental education also includes reducing plastic consumption – said Education Adviser Sara Funaro – and knowing that many Florentine students are protagonists of this project, which discourages their use is good news. Our goal is to educate young people. to respect the environment and to promote education for sustainable development and this project goes exactly in this direction, contributing to the responsible growth of our children “.

“Our partnership with the CR Firenze Foundation for the #Bevisenzaplastica project is natural, almost physiological,” said Lorenzo Perra, President of Publiacqua. delivered 151 million liters of water in the period 2017-2021 (corresponding to over 100 million 1.5-liter plastic bottles not produced, purchased and disposed of), and from 2019 onwards, the distribution of water bottles to students from the first school year started (the mayor’s water project comes and the schools have distributed over 52,000 water bottles in three years). In short, we have opened a path that many others have decided to follow and that can only fill us with pride. A commitment that benefits of tap water and to be alongside the students and families for an ever greener and plastic free world that did not cease even in the two years of the pandemic and continues to do so today, thanks in particular to the project with the Foundation and to the collaboration with the Metropolitan City and the Regional School Office, we continue to relaunch by expanding the public of the initiative to the High Schools and it with the installation enriched by donors who replace the donors of plastic bottles “.

“The commitment to reduce plastics that pollute our ecosystem starts right away from the school forests,” said Roberto Curtolo, director of the Regional School Office for Tuscany. ” ‘because schools play an important role in the education of boys and girls and can play a crucial role in raising awareness among new generations about the problem of plastic pollution. Just remind children that 140 tonnes of plastic every nine minutes at sea – the equivalent of the weight of a blue whale.Education for the environment and sustainable development is a primary goal for our planet today, I believe that a profound change of mentality is needed for schools in the first line to see and engage students, a reality that this project, funded under the national initiative “BeviSenzaPlastica”, fills an increasingly widespread and evident need for education in the new generations “.

“The aim – emphasizes Patrizia Bonanni, Councilor for the Metropolitan City, which is delegated to the school network – is to fund other interventions to expand the public of the schools concerned. After two years, the maintenance of the schools will be carried out and carried out, Beneficiaries, on the basis of a protocol signed by the interested parties. “.

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