“The best freedom is to be yourself”

“A return to a long period of conservatism, within the school walls, manifested in harmful acts against a girl who is content in her comfort zone. There is no kind of internal regulation in the institute that prohibits the use of trendy jeans among young girls There is also no specific national rule that just invites you to adhere to “decent” clothing. But the point is: what does ‘common sense’ or ‘decorum’ mean in clothing and in particular, who sets it? We can not. Generic “dress codes” remain based on what others see us. Why then should some girls * dress differently than they dress in their daily lives? In these events, the concept of the body is crucial. Hiding forms? The school certainly has the task of educating, but the primary task that accompanies the growth and development of its own identity can not be ignored. Personality is also manifested in the expression one decides to adopt, therefore it must be as free as possible, it can not be bound by rules that determine what to show about oneself and how. Freedom of opinion to be what one is also goes through clothing. And it is influenced by the societal models. Chiara Ferragni, influencer who makes her body her flag, is invited by Liliana Segre to the Shoah Memorial regardless of dress code. In Japanese manga, uniform skirts are socially accepted. It is therefore impossible to define a single concept of common sense, so it is necessary to eliminate different “dress codes”. What matters in school is what you show, not how you dress. The validity of a school does not depend on the clothes adopted, rather on how much the school deals with episodes of bullying, bodybuilding and other much more important issues. All of this is closely linked to the goals of generational justice (from cooperation, we can only save ourselves if we are together), which we have the task of giving not only future generations, but also the current ones. For this reason, we hope for a return to a climate of tranquility, which begins with the protection of the individual and personal autonomy of girls * who have the right to express themselves instead of being oppressed by bureaucratic and improbable dress codes. We remain firmly convinced that the slogan “My body is my choice” is in fact valid in all dimensions in which the body theme falls ».

* City Secretary Pd Cosenza
Deputy Mayor of Cosenza

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