The Bergamo Trade Fair takes place: from April 4th to 9th at the Atlante Portal

Bergamo. The Bergamo Trade Fair begins anew. The exhibition, dedicated to second-year high school students and designed to promote the value of craftsmanship and support youth in the selection of high schools, returns with the seventh edition. This year again, the fair will be held online from Monday 4 to Saturday 9 at the Atlante delle Scelte Portal. During the week, children and families can participate in several hours of orientation meetings with professionals from the world of work – covering 12 different thematic areas – and have an overview of the training opportunities in the Bergamo area.

“All these activities – he explains Umberto Valois, Provincial Councilors Delegated to School Planning – are useful for giving students the tools at a delicate moment in their lives, in which they make a difficult choice than that of the school in which they enroll. We try to make this choice more conscious, as it affects both their academic and professional future. I’m convinced that those who attend the fair are well surprised by the quality and charm of the proposals they find. ”

The value and usefulness of the Fiera dei Mestieri is reflected in the users: “We have found that in recent years the demand for families through the institutes for orientation activities has doubled. Myself as a parent, with a son, “who will go this way next year, I can only be satisfied with the activity of the province. It is a double satisfaction, both as a councilor and as a parent”.

The initiative brings together the work of many bodies and institutions. Organized by the province of Bergamo in collaboration with Confartigianato, the fair was supported by the Territorial School Office, the diocese, the municipality of Bergamo, Confindustria and the Chamber of Commerce by the specialty company Bergamo Sviluppo.

“The pandemic forced us to move to the web platform, but it did not stop the project from starting seven years ago,” he said. Paschal Gandolf -. The rapid change of context in which we are embedded forces us to constantly update our knowledge and technologies. For this reason, the provincial government considers it essential to invest in training on the way to the fair. We are confident that the sharing of knowledge between generations and the openness to research and innovation is a win-win situation that can ensure that our territory is ready to face the challenges of the future.

The role of entrepreneurs is fundamental in this training course. “Confartigianato strongly believes in young people and in the contribution they can make to the future of us all,” commented Confartigianato President Imprese Bergamo. Hyacinth Giambellini, who then directs his advice on school choice to the boys – It is not an easy choice, we have to look at many factors, such as the demands of the world of work and the educational offerings of the territories. But most of all I want to tell these guys that they have to look for a job in order to fall in love, a job that, despite the sacrifices and bad moments that can not be missed in a long career, continues to make us start every morning and to face the full challenges.of energy and ideas. The passion and joy of their work are the needle of the compass, which I hope our boys will always follow. Again this year – concludes Giambellini – our entrepreneurs, even if still in online mode, can show them all the beauty of our craft activities, so different and so current, from great innovation and creativity, and we hope that this will help us great love for craftsmanship reaches them and involves them ”.

But the fair is only one of the orientation activities for students. “The work of the school office – underlined Councilor Valois – is complete and articulate and I would like to thank Dr. Longaretti, who is in charge of the service. In October, for example, was the delivery of the brochure of the Atlas of the “Choices in which all the activities related to the education sector in the province of Bergamo are indicated. I recall that the guidance portal is still in use, which provides professionals in the high schools with Edomark”.

For 2023, the fair will try to innovate, and above all return to presence. “Next year, we will try to resume activity on the Sentierone and we will look into developing something even more complex. We are working together with the municipality of Bergamo, with whom we are having discussions through the Council for Education Poli.”

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