The benefits of reading in the classroom: The “Center for Books and Reading” promotes bibliotherapy

Light is good, you know. DEN Books not only do they promote the individual growth of everyone, but they can be a profitable tool for everyone class School and for relationships between its members. This is the thinking behind it Bibliotherapy: Well-being at school through booksthe international conference organized by the “Center for Books and Reading”.

The event in question will be held in Rome in the Auditorium of the National Library of Rome on June 28, 2022. This is the first conference in the world to address the topic of bibliotherapy and its pedagogical applications. It will be possible to have the meeting on the Facebook page of “Book and Reading Center”where it is streamed.


The event is sponsored by “Center for Book and Reading“And carried out in collaboration with the University of Verona, the first Italian university to launch a first-level master’s degree and a professional refresher course this year. bibliotherapy.

The event is attended by ten speakers with great depth, who come from academia and academia, who take care to illustrate to interested teachers what it is. bibliotherapy.

The event is introduced by Angelo Piero CappelloDirector of the Center for Books and Reading, Stefano CampagnoloDirector of the National Central Library of Rome and through Giuseppe Pierro, Director of the Ministry of Education. The first part of the conference will be attended by some academics from the University of Verona, Federica Formiga, Marco Dalla Valle and Michela Nosé, which analyzes the benefits that bibliotherapy can offer and the Italian model of bibliotherapy. He will then intervene Rosa Mininno, Psychologist, psychotherapist and bibliotherapist, first learned to bring bibliotherapy to Italy, talking about his applications in the field of education and training. Raum och a Irene Monge In the Bulfaro Domeillustrate the two specific ways of implementing bibliotherapy: the philosophy of narration and poetry therapy.

In the second part of the conference, more focused on school issues, they will be present Maria GrecoTeacher and school manager of the Center for Books and Reading, who talks about bibliotherapy and learning practice; Paolino GianturcoTeacher and member of the board of directors of the AID (Italian Dyslexia Association), which illustrates the alternative reading paths for people with SLD; Beatrice EleuteriDoctoral student at the University of Rome TRE, who analyzes the joy of reading in school.

Along with these two Hungarian scholars, Judit BéresProfessor of the University of Pécs, e Mònika Tóthné Muráncsik, Professor at the Bolyai János Secondary Grammar School in Budapest, who has been talking about bibliotherapy for the digital generation and the Hungarian experience of bibliotherapy in school, respectively, has been proven for years.

Teachers who personally attend the conference by registering at the address [email protected] they receive a certificate for training purposes. In addition, those present have priority to enroll in the free and limited refreshment course offered online by “Book and Reading Center” in collaboration with theUniversity of Verona valid for Training. The course in question starts at the end of September and ends in December 2022 and is open to teachers of all levels, from infancy to secondary school.

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