The application note of Legislative Decree 4/2022 on the new measures for class ownership has been issued

In the application of the Decree-Law n. 4/2022, Lager “Urgent measures to support businesses and economic operators, employment, health and local services associated with COVID-19 emergencies, as well as the impact of price increases in the electricity sector.”, the Ministry has Circular no. 110 of 1 February 2022, to provide the first operational indications for state and equal educational institutions. The note recalls the measures concerning schooling, which were reported in Articles 19 and 30 of the Decree, which we had already commented on at the time of publication in the Official Gazette.

The circular focuses on the organizational impact of the law on educational institutions in relation to:

  • Provision of FFP2 masks for students / staff under self-monitoring,
  • digital verification of health conditions that allow the use of teachers in the presence / recurrence in the classroom under self-monitoring,
  • free administration of rapid antigen testing to the school population of primary school.

In application of Legislative Decree 4/2022, we note as FLC CGIL some critical elements. In particular, the educational institution is expected to identify the pharmacy to which the supply order is sent and an activated complex reporting and date-loading procedure, accompanied by cumbersome statements by the teacher about the actual need for masks.

Furthermore, in connection with the verification by the new digital application (the “Verification C-19” app) of the health condition, which allows teachers face-to-face, in our opinion, the circular also expands the scope of the application the primary school. , while Legislative Decree 4/22 limited it to the song and high school and to the education and vocational training system (Article 4, Section 1, Letter c), Number 2), first period, of the Decree-Law of 7 January 2022, No. 1).

Once again, it is clear that the administration dispels ambiguities and further organizational and administrative complexities that complicate the day-to-day work of the schools. The life of educational institutions is stopped on topics not related to the mission of the education system, with the consequence of making face-to-face teaching staff completely formal, with the achievement of an achieved normality, but in fact absolutely far from the problems of students and parents, along with ATA managers, teachers and staff.


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