The “Andersen” playschool is being redeveloped – Chronicle

All-out millionaire investment to improve the viability of the territory and give a signal regarding the restart of the post-Covid public works. Now, the local government is announcing a new intervention in the school world as well: The “Andersen” crèche will soon be redeveloped. In fact, these days, the long-awaited news has reached the town hall: the Lombardy region has confirmed the contribution of 500 thousand euros for the renovation of the property. It is not a new job, in the intentions of the municipal government, but it can finally get off the ground.

The technical and economic feasibility project was approved in 2021, precisely to present the funding issue to the Pirellone. Now is the time to take a step forward. It is not even normal maintenance: at the end of the works, the city of Seregno will have a modern and sustainable play school. According to the decision of Mayor Alberto Rossi and his council team, the structural and energetic renovation of the Viale Tiziano school complex is planned to be carried out by the complete renovation of the roof and the formation. of the outer mantle on the masonry.Perimeter. The aim is to put an end to infiltration episodes and consequential phenomena associated with humidity and to improve energy efficiency in order to reduce heating costs. In particular, the insulation waterproofing package of the roof is replaced. At the same time, the insulation works on the perimeter walls (thermal mantle) are carried out, the roofing is redone and all sheet metal elements are completely rebuilt. To begin with, all that remains is to wait for the executive project, which the technicians are now taking care of, but which already brings good news: the total cost will be less than the 650,000 euros that were initially estimated.

“I am very pleased with this result,” commented Rossi, “because with the half a million euros, the administration will intervene in a school structure that clearly needs to be reorganized. identified and we will implement this need in concrete interventions also through a project that can draw external funding lines.A city that receives boys and girls, boys and girls, in adequate and welcoming structures, can with more awareness and hope for the future kucken.

Gualfrido Galimberti

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