TFA VII Cycle Support: Entry requirements and tests, shortened courses and final ranking. FAQ

The Ministry of University and Research has issued Ministerial Decree no. 333/2022 which initiates the VII cycle support TFA. Admission requirements and tests, shortened courses and ranking of admitted students. FAQ

Preparatory session for the VII Cycle TFA Sostegno

Access requirements

Q. What do I have to do to enroll in the support tests and specialization courses on support?

R. MUR mentioned in the decree at the beginning, the universities authorized to publish the call to participate in the selections and then in the specialization courses. Therefore, he / she has to wait for the notification of the university in which he / she intends to participate and, following the instructions in it, to present the relative request for participation. TFA Support VII Cycle, the links to the universities that publish the CALLS with deadline for the presentation of the application

D. What are the requirements for access to specialization courses in primary and nursery schools?

A. The entry requirements are (one of the following):

  1. Title of Qualification for teaching and graduate courses in primary school sciences or similar qualification obtained abroad and recognized in Italy under current legislation; or
  2. Teaching Diplomaincluding an experimental diploma with a psycho-pedagogical address with qualification value and an experimental diploma with a linguistic address, reached and teaching institutes or obtain a similar qualification abroad and recognized in Italy under current legislation, but receive, in the school year 2001/2002.

D. What are the requirements for gaining access to the specialization courses in the high school and in the high school?

A. The entry requirements are (one of the following):

  1. specific qualification on the competition class or obtained similar qualifications abroad and recognized in Italy in accordance with current legislation; or
  2. Closing Master or single-cycle diploma (or 2nd level diploma in higher artistic, musical and dance training, or equivalent or equivalent qualification, consistent with the contest classes and force on the date of the contest call) plus 24 CFU / CFA.

Q. I would like to participate in the TFA support for the high school. I have a diploma (diploma) and I qualify in secondary / primary / childhood. Do I really need to get the 24 CFU / CFA?

R. The Ministerial Decree n. 92/2019, to which Ministerial Decree 333/2022 refers, provides that the requirement is a diploma plus 24 ECTS, but the note of 13 August 2020 provides that Candidates in possession of a qualification for a different class of competition or for a different level of education are exempt from the CFU / CFA. However, the above-mentioned note is not included in Ministerial Decree no. 333/2022. We have to wait for the call from the universities and see if they have what is stated in the above note, as happened for the previous cycle of the TFA Support VI cycle.

Q. What are the entry requirements for ITPs?

A. For ITPs, until 2024/25, the registration requirement is the diploma that gives access to the competition class.

Access Test

Q. What are the entrance tests for the specialization courses?

A. The access tests are: Preselective Test; one or more written or practical tests; oral examination.

D. How do you fit the tests?

A. The pre-selection test is confirmed by a number of candidates, which is equal to twice the number of places available at the single university. Candidates who achieve the same score as the last of those admitted will also be admitted to the said test.

The written test is passed with a minimum score of 21/30. In some tests, the rating is obtained from the arithmetic mean of the evaluation in the individual tests, each of which must pass a minimum score of at least 21/30.

The oral exam is passed with a minimum score of 21/30.

Q. Are there any candidates exempted from the pre-selection test?

A. Jo. Those who:

  1. in the last ten school years, have completed at least three years of service, even if not consecutive, which according to Article 11/14 of Law no. 124/99, to the specific support item of the degree to which the procedure relates (Article 2/8 of Legislative Decree No. 22/2020, amended into Law No. 41/2020); By year of service, we mean the service that will be delivered for at least 180 days or the service that will be provided without interruption from February 1st until the end of the review operations or the end of the pedagogical activities for the playschool. (in the latter case, Miur clarified with Note No. 7526 of July 24, 2014).
  2. have an equal disability or more than 80% (Article 20, section 2-bis, of Law No. 104/92);
  3. passed the 6th cycle preselection test but were unable to carry out further tests (in writing and orally) due to health measures to prevent COVID-19, such as isolation and / or quarantine, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation (Article 1/7 Ministerial Decree No. 333/2022 ).

Q. Who can take the specialization courses directly without having to take entrance tests?

A. Candidates who in previous specialization cycles: have direct access to specialization courses:

zu. have suspended the course or, even if in a useful position, not registered for the course;
b. and were successful in more than one procedure and exercised relative options;
c. Results included in the respective merit ranking, but not in a useful position.

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Topics and test articulation

Q. What are the entrance test programs about?

A. The tests count to verify, together with the ability to argue in the correct use of the language, the candidate’s possession of:

1. didactic skills diversified according to the school class;
2. Skills about empathy and emotional intelligence;
3. Skills and creativity in divergent thinking;
4. organizational and legal competencies related to the autonomy regime of educational institutions.

Q. How is the preselective test structured?

R. The Preselective Test it consists of 60 questions, each with five answer options, among which the candidate identifies only one; count at least 20 of the 60 questions to test language skills and comprehension of texts in Italian. The test lasts two hours.

D. How are the written and oral tests structured?

A. The tests are prepared by the individual universities, which also determine their articulation. The tests do not contain any closed questions.

Final Ranking

D. How is the ranking of those who are admitted to the specialization courses set up?

A. The ranking of those admitted to the courses is set within the limits of the known places, by reaching the scores of the applicants (who passed the tests, as reported in the above section): in written test (s) or practices; in oral examination; in the evaluation of qualifications (delegated to the autonomous choice of universities).

Q. In the case of a balance, who is ranked first?

A. In the event of a balance, the candidate with the highest seniority of the teaching service will take over the support in the schools. In the case of further equality or of candidates who have not rendered the above service, the younger candidate shall be.

Q. Is the score of the preselective test not counted for the purposes of ranking those admitted?

R. No, as we read in the DM n. 90 of 7 August 2020.

Shorten routes

Q. I specialize in support in primary school and I would like to participate in specialization courses for preschool. Do I have to take the entrance test?

A. Yes, unless it falls into one of the above cases.

Q. Will I still have concessions?

A. For those who already specialize in another level of education, shortened courses are offered.

Q. What are the shortened routes?

A. The shortened courses are prepared by the universities, which evaluate for this purpose the already learned skills. As part of these courses, candidates must at least complete the 9 Laboratory Credits and 12 Stage Creditsprovided by the Ministry Order of 30 September 2011, as diversified according to education level.

Preparatory session for the VII Cycle TFA Sostegno

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