TFA support, statements on how to access by 2024

The reform of the Minister of Education Bianchi, much against the trade unions and school staff, first formalized in Legislative Decree 36/2022, made the conversion into Law n.79 / 2022: as we know, it introduces a new form of recruitment for the secondary school teacher, defines the system initial training, introduces continuous incentive training. For the TFA support, necessary to obtain the qualification of the specialization in didactic activities aimed at school inclusion, leads and Transition phase until 31 December 2024: what are the access procedures and what are the required requirements?

Who can access the TFA support without having to take the entrance tests

The transitional phase provided for by Law 79/2022 retains the traditional scheme of access to TFA support that has characterized past cycles: there will always be a Preselective Test national, one or more written tests organized by the various universities, an oral exam also articulated by the universities concerned. The novelty introduced by the above-mentioned law states, as we know, that they will have direct access to specialization courses until 31 December 2024, without having to take the listed tests, Teachers who have served three years in the last five years in a support position in schools of all types and levels: that is what is established Article 18-bis, section 2, of the revised Legislative Decree 59/2017, introduced by Article 44 of Legislative Decree 36/2022 (converted into Law No. 79/2022).

The measure is targeted both for temporary teachers and for permanent teachers in the State Schools who, in order to increase their education or improve their working conditions, decide to specialize in supporting pupils with disabilities. It should be noted that the interested parties are also in the Private schools or vocational training and education courses. However, it is not yet clear whether it is necessary to carry it out to the same degree for which one wants to qualify, or whether it is possible to carry it out to different degrees: on this aspect the Ministry of Education should provide further explanations. Access for these teachers is restricted and determined by a decree issued jointly by the Ministry of Universities and Research and the Ministry of Education.

Access requirements

For access to the next TFA support the requirements are always the normal ones: Degree in primary school sciences or master’s degree in academic year awarded 2001/2002 for specialization valid for preschool and primary school. Specific qualification on CDc or Master’s degree plus 24 credits for secondary of I and II degrees.

By the year 2024/25, ITPs only need the diploma through which they gain access to the competition class. After that, qualification for the specific CDc or degree (or AFAM First Level Diploma or equivalent qualification) and in addition the 24 credits are required.

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