Test medicine and other faculties Scheduled access: Change access procedures

Those preparing to take part in the tests for planned access to medical courses in 2022 – explains the Minister for Universities and Research, Maria Cristina Messathey will not have any major circumstances compared to the past: the method of execution remains the same with a unique day in Italy and with the test in person and on paper, while we intervene on the kinds of questions. Less general knowledge, more technical subjects. In addition, to guarantee equal opportunities for all, we provide free preparation materials“. From next year onwards, however, as is the case with other courses, the planned access will be paved.”On one side – adding mass – we are investing in orientation and education of the high school and on the other hand we are transforming the quiz zone into an orientation and entrance test that can be repeated. There will still be a national date set by the ministry, but it will be the one in which all candidates will have to enter the best score and tests in the system from which the national ranking is built.“.

We express great satisfaction that we have reached agreement on the majority resolution and the Committee on Culture, which will give the Minister for Mass the green light to reform the mechanism for selecting candidates for a limited number of courses, including that of the Faculty of Medicine. Forza Italia contributed to this result with the presentation of a bill which aims, inter alia, to establish a closer link between school education and the last years of secondary education and the preparation required for access to medical school courses.“. Like this Saccani Jotti an Aprea (Forza Italien) she commented in a note on the changes to the modalities of access to medicine. “In agreement with the Minister of Mass – the note continues -, it was decided to proceed administratively with new ministerial directives, to change from the next school year the entrance test, which will be replaced by a path that starts in the fourth school year, with free courses and test prevention based on the use of Tolc tests. A concrete turning point in terms of accessibility for our young people, which should accompany them free of charge and the selection for access to the Faculty of Medicine. There are a number of interventions that can be carried out in a short period of time to provide a clear answer to the needs of our students, which have manifested themselves dramatically and dramatically in recent years, and really limited university careers. in all respects accessible. Forza Italien – complete Saccani Jotti and Aprea -, will at the same time continue to support the increase of places in the Faculty of Medicine, to avoid the shortage of doctors in this country and above all to guarantee a sufficient number of specialists, as well as generalists, for public health. The recent pandemic has shown us that the generational movement of doctors is not just a priority for this sector of public intervention, but for the entire country.“.

The reform of the Entrance test for medicine, dentist and other limited number of faculties it benefits students and helps make our universities more accessible. From the fourth year of high school, more orientation and preparation materials will be provided free of charge for students. In addition to less general knowledge questions and more questions on disciplinary issues, there is an increase in the number of available places and more chances of access thanks to the Tolc test, which replaces the single test“. Declared also Alessandra Carbonaro, Deputies from the 5 Star Movement in the Chamber. “The provision that was approved today in the Culture Committee – he continues – is the basis of this reform, which will soon be implemented by the Minister of Mass. The parliament and the government have worked in the interests of the country, putting the needs and aspirations of young people first: the result is very positive“.

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