Terrorism, trained at home to carry out attacks: after the oath to 20-year-old Isis, he was ready to beat Trentino. On Instagram channels, videos to become a fighter

TRENTO. To radicalize a few years and then in a few months the work for precipitate tricicloacetone peroxide and other types of acids for the construction of an explosive that exploded in Trentino by August.

These are some of the points of the complex Inquiry which has been carried out in recent months Carabinieri del Ros together with the territorial articulation and those leading to the arrest of Fr.and uncensored young people of about 20 yearsa man and a woman, under investigation for Association for the purpose of terrorism or support for the democratic order, registration and training for the purpose of terrorism, including international.

Investigation activities revealed that the two young men, born in Italy to families of Kosovar origin, used in social, work and study contextsthey had been undertaking for some time a way of radicalization possible and effective through jihadist propaganda on the Internet.

A road that, as has been said, would have led to an attack on Trentino and beyond a trip (Hegira) to Nigeria, where the 20-year-old had been fighting with the Islamic State and West African, a subsidiary of Boko Haram affiliated with the Islamic State.

During the investigation under guarantee, the young man, explained the prosecutor of the Republic of Trento, Sandro Raimondi, almost completely confessed his behavior and activity. “An investigation has been carried out – explained Raimondi – which allowed the identification of two people involved in the episode of a terrorist organization. They were identified, followed, supervised with a highly professional work. A survey conducted throughout Italy and throughout Europe has no balance “.


To explain the investigation activity was Pasquale Angelosanto, Commander-in-Chief of the Ros of the Carabinieri.

“The business – he explains – was born not so long ago. The criminal case has been registered Early February 2022 although it is behind it an FBI information activity on some components attributed to the Islamic State, which planned attacks in Europe or propagated a radical ideology also for the purpose of recruitment “.

This is the starting point for the investigation of the roses and of the territorial articulations that allowed the identification of the two young people in Trentino, a man and a woman, born from families of Kosovar origin, in the social, labor- a study context built. .

1. Radicalization

“The subject – explains General Angelosanto – has been identified for the Relationship he established through Instagram channels with some members of the Islamic State. A relationship that is carried over time during which the young man express sympathy and closeness to the Islamic State and on several occasions the suspect expressed appreciation for some of the attacks has happened in Europe in the past like the one in Manchester in 2017 “.

Investigations have uncovered the boy a path of violent radicalization, which has gradually reached not only the mind of the Islamic State, shares its goals, but also its actions in Europe. A fundamental stage was then the “Oath taken virtually in the hands of a member of the Islamic State“. Here the image is also diffused by the police, where you see the moment in which the young man has a raised finger, a sign of the fighter during the oath.

2. The planning of the attack and the construction of the explosive

The young man, for his schooling chemical expertbut also for the workplace he frequently visits, manages to capture various quantities of precursor chemicals for the production of an explosive material very dangerous which is recognized as Tatp scho also used in the past in other attacks in Spain, England, France and Belgium of the terrorists belonging to the Islamic State.

“The investigations that have been carried out have made it possible,” explained the general of the Ros, “to seize the dangerous substances that were placed in a depot. This dismissal of the predecessors would have made it possible synthesizes up to 400 grams of Tatp, which corresponds to about 300 grams of TNT and therefore highly harmful. ”Hence the danger of the subject and the immediate decision to stop.

3. The trip to Nigeria

The investigation also revealed that the suspect, together with his wife, designed the so-called “Hegira”the trip to the war theater, especially in Nigeria, where a component of the Islamic State is present to take part in the fight.

“The journey – Angelosanto always explains – for those who have been radicalized, it represents extreme loyalty to the Islamic State. But we can assume that this happens after the perception of an assassination attempt “.

Investigations, for the first time, she identifies a person in Italy which, underlines the general of Ros, is “rAdicalized alone, at home, self-training on web channels, ideological material of the Islamic State must be disseminated in French, English and Arabic with instructions to pack bombs as well“.

In recent months, again after polls, the young man had also, through the purchase of military clothing as an Isis fighter, prepared to cut his hair and grow a beard

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